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After a long day of shooting Eileen and Leila went to a clothed pool party in a big pool. They found one of their friends there and pushed him in the water. After that they jumped in too. They swam around, tried the slide all clothed, played in the childrens bath and relaxed in the jacuzzi. After all the nice swimming they left to the changing rooms to get some dry clothes on.



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About Me

Hello, I’m Eileen a model and photographer from the Netherlands.
I’ve done a lot of wetlook, mud and messy photo-shootings in the past and I’ve been selling these on other sites but I thought it was time to have my own site! So here we are …

Most of the photosets are of me but in some photos you can also see my friends who like to get wet too.
Feel free to send me your ideas about what you would like to see on my site.
Hope you enjoy 🙂

xxx Eileen

My Blog

a lovely shooting day

Yesterday I had a great shooting day with our new girl and the rest of the crew ! She will come again soon for www.wamderland.net  

It’s Summer!

Finally we got some good weather here to swim outside again ! Sharing a personal picture of yesterdays swim.