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Friday 20th March @ 20:00

Watch me LIVE as I get wet during the next live show . You can help me to choose the outfit at the beginning of the show 🙂

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At a warm summer day Eileen and Leila went to the river and took some buckets to play with. They started throwing water at eachother getting eachother completely wet. They…

At a summer evening Eileen went to the river to take a walk, when she got too close to the river and her schoes got wet anyways she decided to…

Eileen and Leila got together a little early for a photoshoot. They decided to try out some outfits before they would start their photoshoot. They tried on several spandex leggings,…

Eileen was ni the bathroom getting ready for the day when she decided to get dress in the bath this time. She went into the bath in her lingerie and…

Eileen got home after a long photoshoot in the cold weather. She decided to take a bath. Ofcourse fully clothed. She got into the bath wearing her discojeans and checkered…

Eileen was in the garden on a beautiful summer day when suddenly the got pelted with waterballoons. As she was already kind of wet after she took a bath in…

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It’s Summer!

Finally we got some good weather here to swim outside again ! Sharing a personal picture of yesterdays swim.

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20 March 2020 - 20:00

Would you like to see your dream girl in your dream outfit getting wet in front of your eyes? Now you have the possibility to make your dreams come true. Join our Live Cam Show on the 20th March 2020 at 20:00. Join Eileen’s Patreon site to not miss this unique opportunity .. just follow the link below


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