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NEW LIVESHOW on 10 October 2020

On the 10th of October @11:00 you can watch me again as I get soaked live on camera. At the beginning of the show you can help me select the outfit for the bath 🙂 Please join me on Patreon to get the links for the next liveshow. If you want to send your ideas, please write to info@wamderland.net.

After a fotoshoot nearby the lake Eileen decided to have a quick dive into the water before getting dark. In her green satin dress and high heels she walked into…

  Eileen left her home for a party when suddenly a bucket of water fell over her head from the balcony. She was shocked but also laughing very much. She…

Eileen was chilling in her silver leggings, leather shirt and black velvet shirt when she felt like taking a bath. She went into the bathroom and slowly started to get…

On a winter day Lea Gabrielle and Eileen went to the river to test out some waders. She tried on the first pair but saw that there as a hole…

Eileen was outside on a windy day wearing her printed skirt and bra-less tank top. She walked around on the streets but she got a little cold. So she got…

  Eileen and Maya started a waterfight in the garden.First they used the water pistol and then lots of buckets to get eachother fully wet. At the end Maya pushed…

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It’s Summer!

Finally we got some good weather here to swim outside again ! Sharing a personal picture of yesterdays swim.

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10 October 2020 - 11:00

Would you like to see your dream girl in your dream outfit getting wet in front of your eyes? Now you have the possibility to make your dreams come true. Join our Live Cam Show on the 10th of October 2020 at 11:00. Join Eileen’s Patreon site to not miss this unique opportunity .. just follow the link below


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