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Eileen went to the river wearing her new white skirt with the tag still on it.  She was walking on the beach when a dog decided to pose with her.  She walked into the water, took her heels off and used them to throw water over herself.  Then she ran into the water and dived in.  She played around in the water and then came out to walk back home.



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Eileen went to the river with a new photographer. ¬†She posed in her jeans and red shirt getting wet slowly.   91¬† photos NO video Low resolution samples:

This is a video of me ¬†answering the questions I recieved about wetlook and telling my stories . I did this in the hotel bathtub and shower getting all wet…

Eileen invited Lucy for her first wetlook shoot with Wamderland. ¬†She asked Lucy to sit on a chair and ¬†began to throw buckets all over her. ¬†Lucy got all wet…

Eileen went to a field near the river. ¬†First she got treacle all over her. Then ¬†all feathers so she was totally full of feathers. She walked around like this,…

Eileen invited Ally over to go to the river. ¬†Before they even started getting wet in the river it began to rain very badly. The ¬†camera crew ran away to…

Eileen was in the hotel wearing her white jeans and blouse. She walked around the hotel and ¬†got into the garden shower. She got her outfit all wet and clean…

  Eileen went into a nature area with a new photographer. ¬†She went into the water with her jeans and ¬†jeans jacket posing for the pictures. She rolled in the…

Eileen went to the river in her long red skirt, white blouse and suede leather boots. ¬†She played around in the water getting her clothes all wet, then she rolled…

About Me

Hello, I’m Eileen a model and photographer from the Netherlands.
I’ve done a lot of wetlook, mud and messy photo-shootings in the past and I’ve been selling these on other sites but¬†I thought it was time to have my own site! So here we are …

Most of the photosets are of me but in some photos you can also see my friends who like to get wet too.
Feel free to send me your ideas about what you would like to see on my site.
Hope you enjoy ūüôā

xxx Eileen

My Blog

a lovely shooting day

Yesterday I had a great shooting day with our new girl and the rest of the crew ! She will come again soon for www.wamderland.net  

It’s Summer!

Finally we got some good weather here to swim outside again ! Sharing a personal picture of yesterdays swim.