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Eileen was in a flowerfeeld trying to catch some frogs. She went into the water to find some more, ofcourse she did not mind getting all wet.  She played around…

Leila was visiting Eileen. She was wearing her leather skirt, pantyhose and grey shirt. Eileen photographed her while getting wet very slowly. Eileen spashed Leila a bit while photographing her.…

Eileen and Leila where on the streets, looking to catch some rain!  They walked around on the streets in their white dresses and finally went home disappointed.  When they reached…

Eileen was in her garden wearing her Adidas tracksuit.  She played around with some buckets. throwing them all over her. Before she walked to the river she changed into a…

Eileen was outside enjoying the summer day with her friends. They decided to go to the river for some paddling. Ofcourse Eileen went a little further and got her clothes…

After a day of work Eileen walked home.  Suddenly it began raining and when she got home she got her camera ready to film! She played around in the rain…

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It’s Summer!

Finally we got some good weather here to swim outside again ! Sharing a personal picture of yesterdays swim.

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10 August 2019 - 20:00

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