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Bunny replied to an advertising for wetlook photography. She arrived to the appointment dressed in a peach colour long sleeved top with a black tank top underneath, black jeans and black sports shoes. She had no idea what wetlook means and when our photographer showed her some photos of girls in wet clothes, she found it interesting enough to try it,  even though she didn't have extra clothes with her. Luckily it was a warm day, so after dripping off a bit, she could go home without risking to take a cold.

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Nina looks shy but she actually loves to pose for the camera. She found the best place for a photoshoot, in the bathtub of our photographer. She wear her black jeans, a black tank top and a cardigan. First she covers all her clothes with liquid soap, then she rinses it off under the shower, making her outfit foamy.

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Lulu loves the sporty look. This time she choose her favorite galaxy leggings, an old school black Adidas tracksuit jacket and her baseball cap to take a bath since nothing beats the feeling of tight shiny clothes all wet. Lulu knows it well, check yourself as well.

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To celebrate the end of the extremely long winter,  Ashely decided to take a dip in the lake on a warm early summer day.  She gave quite a show to the people passing by in her fur collar winter coat, knitted cap and jeans swimming around in the lake. To welcome the summer, she gradually removed her jacket and took a sunbath in her wet jeans and t-shirt on the shore of the lake.

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