W255 Eileen and Leila in shiny and wet Nickelson jackets

Eileen and Leila where at a shoot when it suddenly started to rain. They decided to go home but when they arrived at the garden they where already so wet they decided to stay outside and play with the water. They got eachother all soaking wet with some buckets wearing their Nickelson jackets and leather pants. After some time they get cold and go inside to get a warm bath. After that they decide to get back into the rain for a little longer!


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W247 Eileen in long winter jacket and leggings

After a day of work Eileen walked home.  Suddenly it began raining and when she got home she got her camera ready to film! She played around in the rain a little and then went in the bath. She tried out a bathbomb but it looked like dirty water so she went on to showering her winterjacket and black leggings. After some time she took off the jacket

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W232 Eileen in black and white nickelson jacket

Eileen got into her bathtub wearing her socks. She poored lots of bathing gel into her Adidas Stan Smith sneakers and all over her jeans and jacket.  She putted on her sneakers and got herself slowly wet with the hose.  When the bathtub was filled up she got in and relaxed a bit. She decided to change schoes into a pair of Puma’s. When she got those all wet to she took of her jacket and her hoody.

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ST005 Eileen ripping a winter jacket

Eileen was showing off her new jackets on the street. She saw one of the buttons of the jackets was already broken and she decided to completely rip  the jacket apart and completely ruin it.


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W223 Eileen and QueenOfHell in Nickelson jackets

Eileen and Queenofhell where outside for a smoke in their jackets. It was a rainy day, after some time in the cold weather they decided to warm up a little in the bath. Queenofhell never got wet in clothes before. Eileen got her in the bath and got her all wet with the hose. They laughed a lot and had lots of fun with this strange feeling of her first wet clothes. Then Queenofhell got the hose and made Eileen all wet. After the bath got a full they went in together, Relaxing in the warm water. They took off the jackets and dripped the water all over eachother.


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W221 Eileen soaking in a yellow jacket and jeans

Eileen just recieved her new yellow jacket and decided to get some bath with it after she got back from work.  She got into the bathtub and slowly started getting her jeans and jacket wet. It colored completely orange after soaking. When the bath was full she sat down and relaxed. Finally opening her jacket and taking it off.


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W219 Leila taking a bath in winterjacket after jogging


After shooting Leila stayed over and had a run on the streets. It started raining and Eileen was ready with the camera when Leila was arriving back at the house! Eileen asked her if she wanted to have a warm bath and Leila said yes! She first got herself all wet with the hose and then relaxed in the bath. Taking of her jacket at the end

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Leila bathing in Nickelson jacket

After Eileen and Leila had a lingerie-shoot Leila stayed for some coffee and chocolate ice cream. Eileen asked her if she wanted to do some wetlook and Leila said yes!  She was wearing spandex leggings and a black top, Eileen also gave her a Nickelson Jacket to wear. She got into the bath and sprayed it all wet while Eileen was photographing her. Then she lay down and got her clothes fully wet.


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W184 Eileen on Kingsday in an orange catsuit


Eileen went to the kingsday party last year wearing this outfit, when she got home she decided to take a swim in the ice cold water. She went in fully  swimming and laughing. She took of her jacket and jeans showing her orange catsuit. Then the rain started again and she ran home, because the camera equipment doesn’t like water as much as Eileen does!


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W150 Eileen and Leila swimming in Nickelson and Moncler jackets


Eileen and Leila went to the river in their Moncler and Nickelson jackets. They got into the water playing and laughing. They tried to dive in but the jackets where like a life jacket wich keeped them floating. After some time they did get the jackets soaking. They walked back home passing by the restaurants on the way home having people watching.

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