W134 Eileen in Nickelson jacket in the river

It was an extremely hot day when Eileen decided to wear an outfit to please all the winter outfit fans. She looked a bit silly in her warm Nickelson down jacket and her jeans but nonetheless it did not stop her to walk in the river not too far away from the terrace of a restaurant. She soaked her outfit completely which shone like a mirror under the sunshine. After dripping off a bit on the shore, she walked back to the restaurant and posed on a bench as she got some strange looks from the passer byes.


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W100 Eileen warming up under the shower

Eileen went outside for a walk in the cold winter. She decided to have a clothed shower to warm up. She turned on the water and began to shower, when she got everything wet she took of her jacket showing her white shirt under. She also took her jeans of showing her legging under the jeans. She showered a little more and then turned off the water.



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W072 Public wetlook in Amsterdam

On a warm day in Amsterdam Eileen decided to get wet in the fountains. Where everybody was trying to stay dry Eileen danced around in the water getting her down jacket and leather pants totally soaked. After that she went to another water place with a lot of people sitting around the water. They where all looking at her and taking pics. After some time Eileen decided to go back to the fountains wearing her bikini. This is where she got sended away by the guards. She didn’t mind tho because she had a fun time !



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