W442 Eileen take a gunge bath in white pants 2024

Eileen mixed up a few nice colors of think gunge, She got into the bath wearing a full white outfit. Starting of with the neon gunge then covering herself in lots of colors. After a while she started ripping the clothes.

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W439 Eileen gunged in wedding dress

Eileen wanted to have a pretend wedding. She fully dressed up and walked around on the street. When she got home she decided to get her dress really dirty! Starting off with beet juice coloring it all purple. Then syrup, chocolat sauce, sprinkles, and lots more! She started ripping the clothes and put even more chocolat sauce on it after.

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W441 Eileen in a very messy bathroom in jeans

After a very dirty messy day Eileen decided to use the gunge left in the bath again wearing a new outfit. She picked a white shirt and blue jeans and got into the gunge bath. She added some new water to make her outfit very slimy and shiny.

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W435 Eileen in white top and jeans

After a messy set Eileen got in the bath for her 2nd washing round wearing a white top, ribbed jeans and Adidas sneakers. She slowly got the outfit wet and took off the top in the end.

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W433 Eileen white blouse skirt and jarretels

Eileen gets into the shower to wash her heels, stockings jarretels, skirt and blouse. She starts with the heels, then slowly goes up until she is fully wet.

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W427 Leila and Eileen waterfight in white shirts

After a day of work Eileen and Leila where in the garden to have a waterfight and have some fun. They started throwing buckets at eachother getting eachother fully wet. Eileen wanted to suprise Leila with the cold water hose but Leila stole it and got Eileen wet with the cold water. To end they shared a bucket of warm water while hugging.

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W426 Eileen in white top and jeans wetlook

Eileen got into the garden after a shoot day. She slowly started getting wet from feet to face. Also threw some big buckets over her white blouse and light jeans.

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W4242 Eileen in sage leggings and knitted sweater wetlook

On a busy working day Eileen took a break to enjoy her garden and some nice hot buckets of water. She was wearing her new sage leggings and knitted top. Slowly she got it all wet and took of her knitted top at the end showing her grey shirt.

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W419 Eileen goes for a swim in jeans in Kefalonia

Eileen went on a holiday to Kefalonia, when they where touring with the car they found a nice beach kalled Lagkadia. She decided she had to take a swim! ofcourse she did not take her bikini and went in wearing her jeans and white top. She swam around and played in the water while all the tourist where watching.

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W421 Eileen in waders and winter jacket summer 2023

On a warm summer day Eileen arrived at the river wearing a casual outfit with leather jacket. She put on her waders and winterjacket on top of it. Slowly she walked into the water until her waders started got full of water. After all the water got into her boots she let herself fall backwards to get fully wet, but the jacket made her float. After a few tries she got it wet anyways. She took of the heavy jacket and waters to reveal her leather jacket.

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