W376 Eileen in jeans outfit with a gardenhose


Eileen got into the garden wearing her outfit of the day.  She got the gardenhose outside and started showering in front of her neighbours watching, In the end she got her cardigan off.  When the camera’s turned off Eileen and the neighbour girl had a nice privat wet session.

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W369 Eileen sitting in the sink


Eileen got into the bathroom wearing her fila tracksuit pants and a white shirt. She filled up the sink and sat down right into it. When she got her bum all wet she got into the bath and put the showerhose down her pants getting it even more wet. After some time she started getting her white shirt and hair all wet.

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W368 Eileen in a short skirt and white blouse showering in the sunshine


Eileen got into a full bath wearing a miniskirt, white pantyhose, black high heeled boots and a blouse. She slowly got into the water getting everything wet. Then she showered herself with the hose. In the end she took of her boots.

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W367 Eileen introducing Karina to wetlook

Karina was in Eileens studio for a normal photoshoot. Eileen asked her if she would like to get wet with her in the bathroom and Karina said Yes! They slowly got eachother wet using the hose. Eileen asked Karina was quite amazed by the feeling. Karina told Eileen she never weared wet clothes before, not even with swimming lessons!

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W364 Eileen and Leila in white dresses

Eileen and Leila get into the bath in their white summer dresses. Slowly they start to get eachother wet with the hose revealing what is ( or isn’t) underneath the dresses.


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W365 Eileen in black business suit in a hotel room


Eileen got back  in her hotelroom after a nice day in Belgium. She fell down on the bed to relax a bit, then decided she wanted to take a bath. Slowly got into the tub wearing her black business suit with white shirt. She slowly got into the water and relaxed in the tub. She put on the bubbles and had some fun playing with the water.  When she got out of the bath she also took a shower.

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W217 Eileen and Leila Christmas colors


Eileen and Leila decided to wear some Christmas colored outfits this time! They played outside with the dog for a while before they started the bath.  Eileen got Leila wet first and her white blouse got all see through! Then Leila got the hose and got Eileen all wet. The water revealed the catsuit Eileen was wearing under her white  shirt. They relaxed in the bath and had some fun playing in the water. At the end Eileen took of her top and they take off their schoes.

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W353 Eileen taking a clothed bath at the hotel in white clothes

Eileen was in Belgium to see the waterfalls. They where super tempting to go in but way to cold in wintertime! When she got into the hotelroom there was a nice jacuzzi to get wet in, nice and warm! She got into the jacuzzi slowly and started the bubbles. A nice relaxing evening after all the walking at the waterfalls and caves.

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W346 Eileen in the bath in a black and white outfit


Eileen was playing around with her black and white striped jeans, she put on a striped shirt with it and decided to wear one black and one white heel. Then she combined it with a black furry jacket and a black hat. She got into the bathroom and slowly got herself wet with the hose. After that she layed down in the bath.

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W335 Eileen in leather pants and white blouse in the river


Eileen was at the river wearing her new white blouse and leather pants. She slowly got wet splashing around in the water. When she was fully wet she layed down in the water and relaxed, then walked back home.

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