W129 Holiday in Cyprus part 2

Eileen was in the hotel wearing her white jeans and blouse. She walked around the hotel and  got into the garden shower. She got her outfit all wet and clean for a swim at the pool. She took of her shoes to get into the pool and swam around.  After some time she got out and walked around the hotel to get to the beach for another swim.  She jumped in and swam around in the salty water. She played around smiling and got out for another shower in the cabins next to the beach.


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V078 Eileen – Easter special – Red jeans in hotel bathtub (video diary)

Eileen had a photoshoot in a luxury hotel room with some nice photo models. After a long day of shooting all the crew left and Eileen got the hotelroom for herself. She jumped around on the bed with her red jeans and white shirt. She drank a little water and threw a glass of water over her clothes. She got into the bath and first got her Adidas shoes wet, then her jeans and then her white shirt. When she was fully wet she took of her white shirt and relaxed a bit in her white tanktop.



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W050 Eileen ripping pantyhose at the river

Eileen went to the river in her white blouse long boots and plaid skirt. When she just got in one of her boots broke. When she got in fully her other boot also began to fall apart and she decided to take them off. She played in the water when she noticed a hole in her pantyhose she began to rip them even more until it was full of holes. Next to the river there was a bit of mud she played in. She went into the river and washed it off again. When she went home she had to go all through the mud again to climb over the fence.


Want to buy what is left of the shoes and panties still wet and a bit dirty? Contact me 🙂 I will finance some new shoes for wamderland of the payment!

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W042 Lauren’s first clothed bath

Eileen invited her new friend Lauren over for a shoot. They filled up the bath tub and Lauren pushed Eileen in! They did some water fights and pushed eachother under. After relaxing a bit they took their shoes off. Lauren washed off Eileens black leggings and butterfly shirt and Eileen washed off Laurens dark blue skirt and white blouse.


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W040 No Fishing (incl Video)

Who ever dreamt of catching a goldfish? In this set you will be able to catch a look of the lovely goldfish of Wamderland, as Eileen visited a nearby castle’s garden and as always, she got in fully clothed and swam to the board that said no fishing. After enjoying the sunshine and her clothed swim, she walked home in her fully soaked outfit, passing several passer bys on her way. She wore blue jeans, white sneakers and a white blouse. Enjoy!


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V016 Eileen in the cold river

Eileen invited a boy over that studies film. They went to the very cold river.. She was splashing and getting completely soaked in the river on a day in February. She braved the cold water dressed in blue jeans, leather boots, a white blouse and a vest top. At the end she takes off the vest top.


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W033 Eileen’s muddy walk

Eileen went for a walk in her blue jeans, white blouse and black leather boots. It was raining heavily the day before and the dirt road was quite muddy. She did not try to avoid the mud puddles, and her boots got soon all dirty which gave her the idea to go to the brickyard to see how deep is the mud there. Well, it was deep enough to cover herself from head to toe and by the end climbing the clay mountains up and down, she was barely recognizable. Since there was no clear water to clean up and as she started to feel cold, so she started to walk home all muddy. On her way home she passed a couple of people who gave her a strange look but she did not care. She even walked around the streets of her village and gave a little show to her neighbours.


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