W139 Eileens wet day at the waterpark

Once Eileen was young she went to a waterpark with her family. She was totally dreaming when she walked over a bridge and fell into the water with all her clothes on. She was shocked for a moment but after that decided just to go on playing all day like that.

Some weeks ago Eileen went back to the waterpark and repeated all of this. She fell of the brigde and then swam around a bit. She played in the park and took a shower in the outside shower. After that she had lunch while drying up.


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W144 Eileen in Adidas tracksuit in a lake

Eileen was in the north of the country with a friend. She was wearing her Adidas tracksuit and decided to have a swim in the lake. She walked in slowly and got wet. She got in fully and played around in the water. Then she got out of the water all wet.


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W137 Eileen in red leather pants

on a warm day Eileen and her friend found a beautiful place to swim. Eileen was wearing her red leather pants black top and Adidas sneakers.  She walked in and rolled around in the shallow water. Then she jumped in in a deeper spot. Her pants started to break down so she ripped off even more pieces of the red layer. After a nice swim she sat down on a dead tree and they left to go home.



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W123 Eileen and Jolijn in sporty outfits in the pool

Eileen and Jolijn where on the edge of the pool wearing their sporty outfits. Eileen got in first then Jolijn came along. They played around in the water and posed for the camera. Eileen tried filming Jolijn with her Go-pro. They got out and took their shoes off.

Note: Photographer accidentely putted a softbox into the corner of the filming camera’s view. Hope this does not disturb too much. Girls are still visible all time.

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W124 Eileen in red top and white skirt in the river

Eileen went to the river wearing her new white skirt with the tag still on it.  She was walking on the beach when a dog decided to pose with her.  She walked into the water, took her heels off and used them to throw water over herself.  Then she ran into the water and dived in.  She played around in the water and then came out to walk back home.



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W131 Eileen and Ally – ladies in pink

Eileen and Ally went to the river in their sporty legging outfits.  They went into the water together laughing and having fun. They crawled to the shore  and posed on the beach together. After they walked home soaking wet.


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W078 Eileen in jeans and suede boots in the river

Eileen went with a photographer friend to the river to make some dry photos. If you know Eileen, then you know that she can’t resist to the temptation of getting a little wet when she sees a river, so she first stepped in the water in her suede leather boots. Since her shoes were already wet, she decided to go in further and the photoshoot ended up being a wetlook photo session.


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W134 Eileen in Nickelson jacket in the river

It was an extremely hot day when Eileen decided to wear an outfit to please all the winter outfit fans. She looked a bit silly in her warm Nickelson down jacket and her jeans but nonetheless it did not stop her to walk in the river not too far away from the terrace of a restaurant. She soaked her outfit completely which shone like a mirror under the sunshine. After dripping off a bit on the shore, she walked back to the restaurant and posed on a bench as she got some strange looks from the passer byes.


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W125 Eileen in red leather pants and satin blouse

Eileen posing for the camera on a  winter evening. Nothing to do? Well .. lets take some photos. Eileen is dressed in red fake leather pants, black satin blouse, socks and leather boots.


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W076 Eileen in red top and jeans

Eileen went to the river with a new photographer.  She posed in her jeans and red shirt getting wet slowly.


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