V130 Ashley at the lake on a hot summer day

If you have seen the set “NEKO at the lake on a hot summer day”, you will definitely want to buy this set. Our photographer was accompanied by Ashley to help him with the second camera while taking photos of Neko. Ashley was dressed in the outfit she traveled to the shooting location, in blue jeans, black t-shirt, a thin jacket and sneakers. Under the intense summer sun, Ashley started to boil in her clothes and once the set of Neko was done, she just announced that she is going for a swim. Our photographer had just enough time to grab the camera as Ashley went for a dip in her clothes.


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W170 Ashley all black in the bath

Ashley visited us again and as always, she could not stay dry. This time she wore black jeans-leggings, a thin jacket and a black t-shirt and socks in the bath.

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W167 Bunny returns – Take 2

If you still remember Bunny from her first ever wetlook set, last December she agreed to return for another wetlook photoshoot. This is the second set we made with her ; she changed into something dry after having showered in the outfit she arrived in (you will see that in a future update). She was getting ready to go home when our photographer convinced her to get back under the shower in her black sporty pants, striped shirt and a warm furry cardigan. Luckily she had some extra dry clothes with her as the weather was freezing outside 😉 As it was an impromptu set, there are only 37 photos but you can enjoy a nice long video of her sexy shower.

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W164 Aida taking a bath in a leather outfit + FREE BONUS SET

Once a girl experienced the joy of a clothed bath, she gets more and more tempted to try her more expensive outfits in the water. Well Aida got the idea to take a bath in her real leather jacket and her new leather look leggings and a pretty lace body. She truly enjoyed her bath and hopefully you will feel her excitement while watching her photos and video.


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Since Lulu’s set at the lake in her tracksuit was so popular, we convinced her to come back for a clothed bath in her old-school Adidas tracksuit.

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W088 Santa Eileen – Christmas Special

Eileen wanted to make a Christmas special for in her new Christmas dress. She got in the bath with all the Christmas baubles and angel ducks. The dress got really heavy when wet. She played a bit in the bath and relaxed.



Merry Christmas everybody !

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W159 Eileen in leather pants in a muddy swamp

Eileen was on the countryside for a photoshoot. She posed around and decided she wanted to walk a little further into the meadow. She walked over a small plank when it suddenly shifted and she fell off!  She was shocked at first  and tried to get out.  She had a hard time getting out and fell into it again. She decided her outfit was ruined anyways and she went in fully. Played cheerleader with the waterplants and used them as a wig.  A farmer  passed  by and she waved at him, he laughed and thought she was crazy. When she got out she went for a washoff still leaving her hair and clothes with grey stains.

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W160 Aida taking a shower in leggings and wind jacket

After her first experience with clothed bathing, Aida came back to model for us in another outfit under the shower. During her first photoshoot she loved how her clothes shone from the water, and for her second try she decided to bring a shiny nylon wind jacket which should shine even more when wet, and especially as she rub all over it the liquid soap. Since she also loves tight fitting clothes, she took her red leggings,  a gray t-shirt and sports shoes for her second wetlook adventure.


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GWC04 Bunny’s first clothed shower

Bunny replied to an advertising for wetlook photography. She arrived to the appointment dressed in a peach colour long sleeved top with a black tank top underneath, black jeans and black sports shoes. She had no idea what wetlook means and when our photographer showed her some photos of girls in wet clothes, she found it interesting enough to try it,  even though she didn’t have extra clothes with her. Luckily it was a warm day, so after dripping off a bit, she could go home without risking to take a cold.

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GWC02 Lulu taking a bath in galaxy leggings

Lulu loves the sporty look. This time she choose her favorite galaxy leggings, an old school black Adidas tracksuit jacket and her baseball cap to take a bath since nothing beats the feeling of tight shiny clothes all wet. Lulu knows it well, check yourself as well.

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GWC01 Ashley in winter clothes in the lake

To celebrate the end of the extremely long winter,  Ashely decided to take a dip in the lake on a warm early summer day.  She gave quite a show to the people passing by in her fur collar winter coat, knitted cap and jeans swimming around in the lake. To welcome the summer, she gradually removed her jacket and took a sunbath in her wet jeans and t-shirt on the shore of the lake.

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