V070 Eileen and Leila at the pool party (video only)

After a long day of shooting Eileen and Leila went to a clothed pool party in a big pool. They found one of their friends there and pushed him in the water. After that they jumped in too. They swam around, tried the slide all clothed, played in the childrens bath and relaxed in the jacuzzi. After all the nice swimming they left to the changing rooms to get some dry clothes on.



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W080 Eileen and Leila getting wet by accident wearing winter jackets


Eileen and Leila where walking at the harbour, talking about all kind of things. Eileen tripped because of her heels and accidentely pushed Leila in. She got pissed off and began splashing Eileen. When she noticed her phone was still in her pocked she dragged Eileen into the water too. When she realised it was an accident they gave up fighting and began to play a little with the water. They got out of the water all wet and walked to the car.


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W192 Eileen in legging and Adidas shirt in Croatia

It was a rainy afternoon in Croatia and when the rain stopped, Eileen went to the outdoor training site which was right next to the sea.  She thought that after all the weather wasn’t so cold, and lest use all the opportunities during the holidays to go for a swim in the sea. She was dressed in her gray sports leggings and a white Adidas athletic top. Since the hotel was about 5 minutes uphill, she decided to swim in her workout outfit. After her swim, she walked back to the training site .. all wet … to the biggest astonishment of the girls who were doing yoga.

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V089 Holiday in Cyprus part 3 – leggings and swimsuit

Eileen was relaxing next to the hotel pool when she decided to get in swearing her bathingsuit and leggings. She swam around in the pool  while people watched from the side. After that she walked to the sea next to the hotel and played around in the water. She walked to the changing rooms and took off her leggings. She went back to the sea and swam around in the beautiful clear water. She putted her leggings back on and left to the outside shower to clean up a bit.


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W134 Eileen in Nickelson jacket in the river

It was an extremely hot day when Eileen decided to wear an outfit to please all the winter outfit fans. She looked a bit silly in her warm Nickelson down jacket and her jeans but nonetheless it did not stop her to walk in the river not too far away from the terrace of a restaurant. She soaked her outfit completely which shone like a mirror under the sunshine. After dripping off a bit on the shore, she walked back to the restaurant and posed on a bench as she got some strange looks from the passer byes.


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W129 Holiday in Cyprus part 2

Eileen was in the hotel wearing her white jeans and blouse. She walked around the hotel and  got into the garden shower. She got her outfit all wet and clean for a swim at the pool. She took of her shoes to get into the pool and swam around.  After some time she got out and walked around the hotel to get to the beach for another swim.  She jumped in and swam around in the salty water. She played around smiling and got out for another shower in the cabins next to the beach.


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V040 Eileen in winter clothes on a public beach

On one of the warmest days of summer Eileen decided to be a little crazy and putted on her winter jacket. She was on a little holiday to the sea. Where everybody was in bathingclothes Eileen was putting down her towels wearing her winter jacket. People where giving her very strange looks. She went into the water played around. She loved to be at sea again. She got fully wet and posed for some pictures. Her clothes got very shiny from the bright sun. In the end she took her jacket off and left to do some sunbathing fully clothed.


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W062 Eileen shopping in a wet black dress

Eileen was walking to the supermarket when she saw this cool castle. When she sat down on the edge at the water she suddenly fell in holding her handbag. She got totally wet. She decided to play around since she was all wet anyway. People that where passing by asked her if everything was going ok and she said yes while laughing. She played around and finally got out of the water. She continued her walk to the supermarket and got into the supermarket totally wet. Everybody was watching. She also bought a few bottles of water to clean herself from the dirty water. She threw them all over herself while standing next to the supermarket.


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W057 Eileen relaxing by the lake

Eileen was at a lake wearing blue heels, leather pants and a fluffy jacket. She went into the water with her handbag full of stuff having people watching. She got all wet and her fluffy jacket got very heavy. She got on the shore and showed off all her wet stuff. She walked around on the street being dripping wet and finally went to the car to go home.


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W072 Public wetlook in Amsterdam

On a warm day in Amsterdam Eileen decided to get wet in the fountains. Where everybody was trying to stay dry Eileen danced around in the water getting her down jacket and leather pants totally soaked. After that she went to another water place with a lot of people sitting around the water. They where all looking at her and taking pics. After some time Eileen decided to go back to the fountains wearing her bikini. This is where she got sended away by the guards. She didn’t mind tho because she had a fun time !



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