W061 Eileen in waders in the river

Eileen went to the river on bare feet. She putted on her  waders and walked into the river until her waders filled up with water. She played in the water and used her waders to throw water over herself.  A dog joined her in the water and some boys where watching on the shore. When the camera man turned the camera to the boys  and started making pictures they got scared and  left very fast.  Eileen played around a little more and  left the water on barefeet.


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V017 Eileen in rubber boots in the river

Eileen went for a walk in the river with her waders, She walked around a bit, when she got deeper the water began to ran into her waders. She decided to walk in even deeper and get her clothes wet. Then she jumped in and played with the water. She came out of the water and took of her waders. She threw the water over her head. Then she left to get herself cleaned up.


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W043 Eileen and Lauren having a waterfight

Eileen invited Lauren over on a warm spring day for her second wetlook shoot. They filled up bottles and buckets and threw water over eachother with a lot of laughing. Both wearing long boots wich they filled up with water and threw to eachother.

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