W205 Eileen and Leila cooling down in the river on a hot summer day


Eileen and Leila went to the river in  dark pants and leggings, a leather jacket and hoody.  They played in the water getting all wet. Then they climed up the rocks to get a good view of the river.

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W078 Eileen in jeans and suede boots in the river

Eileen went with a photographer friend to the river to make some dry photos. If you know Eileen, then you know that she can’t resist to the temptation of getting a little wet when she sees a river, so she first stepped in the water in her suede leather boots. Since her shoes were already wet, she decided to go in further and the photoshoot ended up being a wetlook photo session.


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V077 Eileen – Just an ordinary day (video diary)

It’s a special video presenting you an average day of Eileen. The video starts as she wakes up in her bed, dressed in leggings and tank top (her usual pyjamas). After rubbing off the sleep of her eyes, she gets out of bed and put on a cardigan before going to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. The camera follows her everywhere and you can see as she brushes her hair, eats her breakfast, and

get dressed …  for her bath 🙂

well yes, she is not an ordinary girl. While most people undress for a bath, Eileen prefers to take it fully clothed, including shoes. Watch as she washes her leggings and her hair, taking a lengthy bath before she heads out to the garden to towel off under the sunshine.


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W089 Eileen in jeans and gray cardigan in the bath

Eileen got into the bath with her jeans shirt and gray cardigan. She first got all her clothes and all stars wet and then dunked under with her hair several times showing her wet hair over her face.

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W109 Sporty Eileen in the jacuzzi

Eileen went to a hotel room for the night to enjoy the jacuzzi. She danced on the bed. She got in the jacuzzi with her legging sport top and sneakers. She had fun dancing to songs, drinking some wine and doing strange poses


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V011 Eileen’s carwash VIDEO

Eileen did help to wash her boyfriend’s car on a sunny spring day. She was dressed in shiny black leggings, her new sports shoes and a blue tank top. Her boyfriend didn’t need more persuasion to throw a bucket of water on her. Eileen got soaked from head to toe in the middle of the street while passer bys and cars passed next to her.

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