V070 Eileen and Leila at the pool party (video only)

After a long day of shooting Eileen and Leila went to a clothed pool party in a big pool. They found one of their friends there and pushed him in the water. After that they jumped in too. They swam around, tried the slide all clothed, played in the childrens bath and relaxed in the jacuzzi. After all the nice swimming they left to the changing rooms to get some dry clothes on.



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W181 Eileen and Ivy in the pool in leggings

Eileen and Ivy went to the pool.  They posed a little and then Ivy pushed Eileen in but Eileen climbed back immediately to push Ivy in. They had some fun in the pool laughing talking and splashing.  Then Eileen ripped of Ivy’s shirt and Ivy Eileen’s shirt.

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W196 Leila in jeans and waders in the river

Leila went to the river. On the beach she put on her waders with Eileen filming her. She got into the water and walked further slowly until the wader got into her waders and got her jeans all wet. She splashed around in the water and got fully wet. She got on the beach and rolled around she washed off in the river. Eileen helped her to take off the waters and threw the water in it all over Leila.  Leila filled them up again and threw it all over her.



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W127 Eileen and leila in leggings and bra-less shirts

Eileen and Leila went into the shower together wearing leggings with t-shirt Allstars and Adidas sneakers. They sprayed eachother wet and made some fun.


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W093 Eileen in striped shirt and leggings in the river

Eileen went to the river in her leggings and striped shirt, She walked into the water further and further until she was fully wet. She played in the water a little and in the end she sat down on a twig and took her shoes off.


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W102 Eileen relaxing in the hottub at the hotel


Eileen went to a hotel with a nice privat sauna room, She first went into the sauna clothed in jeans and tanktop. Then she went into the jacuzzi getting her jeans wet and finally her shirt and hair. She relaxed in the jacuzzi and took her shoes and shirt off in the end.

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W100 Eileen warming up under the shower

Eileen went outside for a walk in the cold winter. She decided to have a clothed shower to warm up. She turned on the water and began to shower, when she got everything wet she took of her jacket showing her white shirt under. She also took her jeans of showing her legging under the jeans. She showered a little more and then turned off the water.



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W092 Eileen and Leila having a waterfight

Leila and Eileen went outside on the street to have a waterfight. They started using the waterguns and then they used some buckets to get eachother soaking wet. They scared off all the cyclists by running after them with buckets and had a good lauch.



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W083 Eileen the mermaid

Eileen saw this mermaid legging online and she really wanted to have it. When it arrived she got it wet the first time wearing it. She went to the river and played around with the water posing for the camera showing the strange changes the legging made when wet.


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W057 Eileen relaxing by the lake

Eileen was at a lake wearing blue heels, leather pants and a fluffy jacket. She went into the water with her handbag full of stuff having people watching. She got all wet and her fluffy jacket got very heavy. She got on the shore and showed off all her wet stuff. She walked around on the street being dripping wet and finally went to the car to go home.


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