V130 Ashley at the lake on a hot summer day

If you have seen the set “NEKO at the lake on a hot summer day”, you will definitely want to buy this set. Our photographer was accompanied by Ashley to help him with the second camera while taking photos of Neko. Ashley was dressed in the outfit she traveled to the shooting location, in blue jeans, black t-shirt, a thin jacket and sneakers. Under the intense summer sun, Ashley started to boil in her clothes and once the set of Neko was done, she just announced that she is going for a swim. Our photographer had just enough time to grab the camera as Ashley went for a dip in her clothes.


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W170 Ashley all black in the bath

Ashley visited us again and as always, she could not stay dry. This time she wore black jeans-leggings, a thin jacket and a black t-shirt and socks in the bath.

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W160 Aida taking a shower in leggings and wind jacket

After her first experience with clothed bathing, Aida came back to model for us in another outfit under the shower. During her first photoshoot she loved how her clothes shone from the water, and for her second try she decided to bring a shiny nylon wind jacket which should shine even more when wet, and especially as she rub all over it the liquid soap. Since she also loves tight fitting clothes, she took her red leggings,  a gray t-shirt and sports shoes for her second wetlook adventure.


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GWC03 Nina’s foamy shower

Nina looks shy but she actually loves to pose for the camera. She found the best place for a photoshoot, in the bathtub of our photographer. She wear her black jeans, a black tank top and a cardigan. First she covers all her clothes with liquid soap, then she rinses it off under the shower, making her outfit foamy.

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GWC01 Ashley in winter clothes in the lake

To celebrate the end of the extremely long winter,  Ashely decided to take a dip in the lake on a warm early summer day.  She gave quite a show to the people passing by in her fur collar winter coat, knitted cap and jeans swimming around in the lake. To welcome the summer, she gradually removed her jacket and took a sunbath in her wet jeans and t-shirt on the shore of the lake.

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W156 Neko at the lake on a hot summer day

Neko and her friend went on a very hot summer day to the lake. Neko suddenly said that she is going for a swim. Her friend looked at her in disbelief since none of them brought swimsuits with them, but this didn’t prevent Neko to jump head first in the lake. Her friend had barely had the time to switch on the camera to capture as Neko swims around in her jeans and black top, not taking care of the family sunbathing in their regular swimsuits right next to them.

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W127 Eileen and leila in leggings and bra-less shirts

Eileen and Leila went into the shower together wearing leggings with t-shirt Allstars and Adidas sneakers. They sprayed eachother wet and made some fun.


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V070 Eileen and Leila at the pool party (video only)

After a long day of shooting Eileen and Leila went to a clothed pool party in a big pool. They found one of their friends there and pushed him in the water. After that they jumped in too. They swam around, tried the slide all clothed, played in the childrens bath and relaxed in the jacuzzi. After all the nice swimming they left to the changing rooms to get some dry clothes on.



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W093 Eileen in striped shirt and leggings in the river

Eileen went to the river in her leggings and striped shirt, She walked into the water further and further until she was fully wet. She played in the water a little and in the end she sat down on a twig and took her shoes off.


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W102 Eileen relaxing in the hottub at the hotel


Eileen went to a hotel with a nice privat sauna room, She first went into the sauna clothed in jeans and tanktop. Then she went into the jacuzzi getting her jeans wet and finally her shirt and hair. She relaxed in the jacuzzi and took her shoes and shirt off in the end.

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