W128 Holiday in Cyprus part 1

Eileen went on holiday in Cyprus. She was in an awesome hotel that was right next to the beach. She walked to the beach and got into the water with her new purple leggings and leather jacket. She played around in the water and after some time she walked back to the hotel for some sun bathing. After that she took a shower in the beautifull garden shower from the hotel to get all the salt of her clothes.


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V079 Eileen messy in the shower with shaving foam

This is a video of Eileen learning you to count in dutch pushing a shaving foam pie in her face at every number. After her face is full of foam she showers off in her striped shirt and jeans.


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W065 Sporty Eileen surprised by her boyfriend

Eileen went for a run in her leggings hoody and Adidas shoes when her boyfriend threw a bucket of water all over her. He kept throwing buckets until she was very wet. They did not think it was enough yet so they walked to the river to get even more wet.


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W104 Eileen taking a bath in custard

Eileen got into the bath with her hoody jeans and sneakers. She started pooring custard over her clothes she used vanilla first but also chocolat strawberry and caramel. When she got covered fully with custard she used some whipped cream chocolat sauce and discodip to finish it off.


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W047 Eileen braving the cold river in a skisuit

Eileen went to the river in here skisuit. It was rainy weather and cold but she got in anyway. She was swimming with the heavy skisuit and then took it off. Wearing a black shirt and red pants underneath.


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W030 Eileen playing in the rain (incl. video)

Eileen playing outside in the cold rain in her leggings, sneakers and grey hoodie. She is using every opportunity to get more and more wet, stepping in the duck pond in her garden, sitting in the sink, running around in the rain, laying down in puddles outside on the street.



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W023 Eileen taking a clothed bath

Eileen taking a bath in her bath at home. Wearing a pink sweater, adidas sneakers, jeans and white sport socks.




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