W109 Sporty Eileen in the jacuzzi

Eileen went to a hotel room for the night to enjoy the jacuzzi. She danced on the bed. She got in the jacuzzi with her legging sport top and sneakers. She had fun dancing to songs, drinking some wine and doing strange poses


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W079 Eileen and Leila in shiny leggings

Eileen and Leila went to the river. They splashed eachother wet and then let theirselves fall in. First Leila did some seperate wetlook, then Eileen joined again and Eileen did some seperate wetlook. They posed together on the beach laughing and having fun.



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W083 Eileen the mermaid

Eileen saw this mermaid legging online and she really wanted to have it. When it arrived she got it wet the first time wearing it. She went to the river and played around with the water posing for the camera showing the strange changes the legging made when wet.


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W087 Eileen and Leila in blue leggings in the bath

Eileen and our new model Leila putted on their new blue leggings and shirts without bra. They posed in the bath together. Then they washed the dirt from their shoes getting their leggings a bit wet also. They sprayed and splashed eachother wet. After that they did some poses seperately on the windowsill while the other was spraying water from down in the bath. Then they posed together on the windowsill and got out of bathroom wich was now totally wet.


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W063 Eileen muddy in a catsuit

Eileen putted on her brand new catsuit and boots. She posed in it at the brickworks and got in the mud. When she stept in the mud she sunk in very far. She was barely able to get out of the mud anymore. She played in the mud making funny noises. With a lot of effort she got out of the mud and walked to the river for a washoff.





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W058 Eileen in leggings and bikini

Eileen walked down to the river dressed in shiny spandex leggings, sneakers and a tracksuit jacket. In the sunny warm weather she decided to go for a swim, but despite wearing her bikini under her clothes, she rather jumped in the water fully clothed. Later she gradually removed her shoes, leggings and top and sun-tanned in her bikini. Finally she put her wet clothes back on and walked home.



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W053 Sporty Eileen at the harbour


After running Eileen went to the harbour. It was a hot day and she wanted to cool down. She first got her feet wet to feel the temperature. Then she decided to jump off the platform. She swam around and posed for the picture’s. After a little swimming she got told to get out of the water because of a boat. She decided to go shoppin in her wet clothes getting a lot of weird looks from the people in her village !

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W042 Lauren’s first clothed bath

Eileen invited her new friend Lauren over for a shoot. They filled up the bath tub and Lauren pushed Eileen in! They did some water fights and pushed eachother under. After relaxing a bit they took their shoes off. Lauren washed off Eileens black leggings and butterfly shirt and Eileen washed off Laurens dark blue skirt and white blouse.


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V011 Eileen’s carwash VIDEO

Eileen did help to wash her boyfriend’s car on a sunny spring day. She was dressed in shiny black leggings, her new sports shoes and a blue tank top. Her boyfriend didn’t need more persuasion to throw a bucket of water on her. Eileen got soaked from head to toe in the middle of the street while passer bys and cars passed next to her.

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W036 Eileen and Anouk take a bath after jogging

Eileen and Anouk going jogging, both wearing spandex leggings and sports tops. Since it was cold outside, they decided to warm up in the bath afterwards, and what a better way to wash their workout clothes than to bath in them 🙂

Eileen wears shiny black spandex leggings with a black and neon green sports top with white sneakers. Anouk wears her new pink  capri leggings, black nylon vest-top and sneakers.


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