W430 Mira and Eileen wetlook bondage

After a bondage session inside Eileen decided to take Mira outside for a wetlook. Mira suprised her by binding her to the tree and throwing buckets of water at her. When Mira decided to take a break Eileen escaped and took revenge on Mira with lots of buckets over her. They shared the last bucket while hugging.

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W4242 Eileen in sage leggings and knitted sweater wetlook

On a busy working day Eileen took a break to enjoy her garden and some nice hot buckets of water. She was wearing her new sage leggings and knitted top. Slowly she got it all wet and took of her knitted top at the end showing her grey shirt.

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Video-Camera-Icon10:52 + 10:47 min  video

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W422 Eileen soaking her new Hirogato suit in the garden

Eileen tried on her new Hirogato suit that just arrived. She was curious to see how it would look wet and started filling up some buckets. She slowly poured them over herself while checking with her phone camera how shiny it would be.

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W420 Eileen goes snorkeling in leggings Kefalonia

On a sunny morning Eileen went to the Lagkadia beach wearing her spandex outfit. She first got in to cool off getting herself fully wet, she sat on the rocks and relaxed in the shallow water. Then she took of 1 layer of leggings revealing the colorfull leggings. She put on her snorkeling mask and went snorkeling.

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W396 Eileen in ripped jeans under the shower


Eileen got into the shower wearing her jeans with holes in it, sweater and sneakers. She got herself fully wet while dancing a bit. After a while she sat down to rip up her jeans revealing her red spandex leggings under it.

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Video-Camera-Icon 13:40 min main camera + 15:55 min POV video

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W395 Eileen in a leather outfit with a little twist


Eileen got into the bath in her black leather outfit. She started getting wet by putting the hose in her jackets pocket. She slowly got more wet using the hose. After some time she took of her riding boots, filled them and threw them over herself. Then she took of the leather pants showing her spandex catsuit.

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Video-Camera-Icon 14:09 min main camera + 14:31 min POV video

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W389 Eileen the catwoman


Eileen was in the garden wearing her catsuit with body harness. She posed for some cat like pictures under the tree and in the tree. She took the gardenhose and attached it on her bodyharness. It got her all wet. She showered off with the gardenhose attached to the tree like an outside shower. In the end she took off the mask and boots.

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W388 Eileen in red bodysuit and leggings in river


Eileen went to the river in her red bodysuit, leatherlook leggings and high heeled boots.  She slowly got into the water while playing and smiling. When she was fully wet she started to put mud on her clothes. After a while she took off the leather leggings and played around in the water a bit more.  She walked home in her red bodysuit and greeted some people that where passing by on the bike.

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W383 Eileen in party outfit dancing in the garden


Eileen got into the garden wearing her colorfull party outfit. She started to dance but got a little warm after a while.  She got out the hose and started dancing while getting herself fully wet.

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Video-Camera-Icon 13:01  min video

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W375 Eileen in colorful leggings in the kiddypool

Eileen was taking pictures in her new leggings set in the garden when she decided to go and fill up the kiddy pool with water. She got the garden hose and got herself fully wet while filling up the kiddy pool, she layed down in the end to relax.


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