W401 Eileen and Leila in see through white tops

Eileen and Leila get into the bathroom wearing their white tops. As a suprise Leila gets a bucket over her head showing she is braless. Then they get wet together using the hose. At the end they soap up and wash off.

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Video-Camera-Icon10:13 min + 6:28 min  video

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W398 Eileen the human paint canvas


Eileen wanted to update her art wall. She started painting and decided to paint some on herself and stamp it on the wall. She started covering herself in paint and as the clothes where ruined anyways she ripped them all off.

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Video-Camera-Icon 26:30 min main camera + 25:37 min POV video

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W396 Eileen in ripped jeans under the shower


Eileen got into the shower wearing her jeans with holes in it, sweater and sneakers. She got herself fully wet while dancing a bit. After a while she sat down to rip up her jeans revealing her red spandex leggings under it.

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Video-Camera-Icon 13:40 min main camera + 15:55 min POV video

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W393 Eileen messy with beans

Eileen was in her bathroom wearing her white blouse and dark blue skinny jeans. She got into the bath and started pouring brown beans in tomato sauce on herself. She also used mayonaise, ketchup, soysauce and tomatosauce until she was all messy, to end it of she used a pack of flour. She washed her hair with mayonaise and rolled through the mess. In the end she washed off.


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Video-Camera-Icon 17:00 min main camera + 21 min POV video

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W385 Eileen in the mud in jeans and white shirt


Eileen was walking in nature when she saw the mud pool finally looked good again. She started walking in to try it out. Then sat down to get all muddy. She rolled around and played in the mud. After she took a little walk and layed down in the flowerfeeld.

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Video-Camera-Icon 11:10 min video

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W379 Eileen the Smurf _ blue gunge


Eileen got into her empty kiddypool and started pooring blue gunge over her Freddypants, white shirt and Fila schoes. She got it all over her clothes and face. After that she used pink gunge and yellow. After she got covered in gunge her friend started washing her off with the hose.

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Video-Camera-Icon 21:46 min video

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W372 Eyla ripping off her clothes under the shower


Eyla came to Eileen for her first wetlook shoot. She slowly got wet in her jeans and shirt. After a while she started ripping it all of her body.

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Video-Camera-Icon 21:30 min video

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W369 Eileen sitting in the sink


Eileen got into the bathroom wearing her fila tracksuit pants and a white shirt. She filled up the sink and sat down right into it. When she got her bum all wet she got into the bath and put the showerhose down her pants getting it even more wet. After some time she started getting her white shirt and hair all wet.

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Video-Camera-Icon 10:52 min video + cam2 9:28 min video

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W359 Leila getting soaked by surprise


Leila came over to shoot some dry pictures in Eileens studio. After the shoot they had dinner together. Eileen asked Leila if she wanted to have coffee after, but gave her a bucket of water instead! Leila laughed and threw her glass of cold water to Eileen. After their little waterfight they took a shower together.

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Video-Camera-Icon 14:29 min video + 14:17 min POV video

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W355 Eileen splashed with paint in the garden


Eileen put her photography backdrop in the garden to make some nice photo’s from the balcony. She layed down on the backdrop and a friend suddenly started painting her with a paintbrush full of green paint. Then her friends started pouring neon splash paint all over her.  They also used powder to get her nice and colorfull.  She ripped her clothes and at the end used 2 colors of gunge to get herself completely covered in colors.

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