W312 Maya testing first time a clothed bath

Eileen met Maya at a club. She told her about her wetlook website and Maya really loved the idea. Eileen invited her to come over and play around in the bath with her. Maya got herself wet slowly. Eileen helped a bit playing with the hose. When she was all wet she took of the leather skirt showing her spandex leggings.

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W303 Eileen all wet in black

Eileen was chilling in her silver leggings, leather shirt and black velvet shirt when she felt like taking a bath. She went into the bathroom and slowly started to get wet with the hose. When she was fully wet she layed down in the bath and took of her leggings revealing her black pantyhose.


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W302 Eileen in printed skirt and tank top taking a bath

Eileen was outside on a windy day wearing her printed skirt and bra-less tank top. She walked around on the streets but she got a little cold. So she got into her bathroom and took a bucket with her. She filled it with warm water and threw a few over herself. Then she got more wet with the hose and ended with some more buckets while sitting down.


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W268 Eileen in a skirt outfit playing waterballoons and soaking in the pool

Eileen was in the garden on a beautiful summer day when suddenly the got pelted with waterballoons. As she was already kind of wet after she took a bath in her garden pool wearing her white shirt, black skirt, pantyhose and white heels.


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W254 Eileen getting wet and muddy in a catsuit and Galaxy skirt

Eileen was in the nature close to home looking for this old boat she saw years ago. Finally she found it again! Ofcourse she couldnt resist getting wet there. She posed on the boat and went into the water slowly. She got in fully, played with the mud and the plants and posed on the boat all wet. Then she took of her skirt and her jacket showing her spandex catsuit.


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W248 Leila taking a bath in leather skirt

Leila was visiting Eileen. She was wearing her leather skirt, pantyhose and grey shirt. Eileen photographed her while getting wet very slowly. Eileen spashed Leila a bit while photographing her.

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W239 Eileen in winter winter wool jumper and leggings

Eileen went into the bath wearing her winter outfit: wool jumper, sawl, cap, skirt, leggings and boots. She got wet starting with her boots and going all the way up. When she was soaked all the way she washed the clothes with bathing foam. She  removed her cap and sawl and  relaxed in the bath. After her bath she walked to her garden all wet to chill in the sun.


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W226 Eileen in her new leather skirt

Eileen had a photoshoot in her leather skirt, white blouse and stockings. After that she had a coffee and decided it was time to relax a bit. She got into the bath and first got her pantyhose wet using the hose, She slowly got her skirt wet and then her blouse. She sat down in the bath and used some glittery soap on her clothes. She finally got her hair wet too. She relaxed in the bathtub and showed off her wet outfit.


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W210 Eileen swimming in a business suit at sunset

Eileen was ready for the day and went to the river in her business outfit. She walked into the water slowly getting all her clothes wet. She played around in the water, some people passed by and asked what she was doing! She took of  some off the clothes til she was in lingerie and stockings. It was getting darker so she walked back home.


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W154 Eileen getting a bath after a business meeting

Eileen went home after a business meeting. She got into the bathroom and got into the bath. She got the showerhead and got her pantyhose wet first. Then slowly her entire outfit. She relaxed in the bath after her busy day. After a nice bath she took of her gilet and her shirt.

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