W072 Eileen in satin blouse at sunset

Eileen was walking near the river at sunset. She thought the light was very pretty and decided that she wanted to do a wetlook photoshoot. She got into the water playing around and posing getting fully wet. Sadly it began to rain, Eileen didnt mind the rain but the camera apperature doesnt like rain so much ! She decided to finish off with a quik dunk under water and leave.


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W062 Eileen shopping in a wet black dress

Eileen was walking to the supermarket when she saw this cool castle. When she sat down on the edge at the water she suddenly fell in holding her handbag. She got totally wet. She decided to play around since she was all wet anyway. People that where passing by asked her if everything was going ok and she said yes while laughing. She played around and finally got out of the water. She continued her walk to the supermarket and got into the supermarket totally wet. Everybody was watching. She also bought a few bottles of water to clean herself from the dirty water. She threw them all over herself while standing next to the supermarket.


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W057 Eileen relaxing by the lake

Eileen was at a lake wearing blue heels, leather pants and a fluffy jacket. She went into the water with her handbag full of stuff having people watching. She got all wet and her fluffy jacket got very heavy. She got on the shore and showed off all her wet stuff. She walked around on the street being dripping wet and finally went to the car to go home.


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W029 Eileen soaking in the sink (incl. video)

Eileen received a request from a customer to soak herself in the sink .. so she did it 🙂

She wore her blue jeans, her blue shoe-boots and a black top. She first got her jeans and shoes wet by sitting in the sink, then she moved to the bath and took a very relaxing and sensual bath in the warm water.


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W020 Eileen at the pool in white shirt

Eileen went to the pool to do a photoshoot. When the model didn’t come she decided to jump in herself. She first got her blue heels wet. After that her blue jeans. Then she went in fully and got her white blouse wet too. She played and posed in the water for some time. Then she got her shoes of and left to dry off.


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