W138 Eileen getting wet with the high pressure washer

On a warm day Eileen was watering the plants with a high pressure cleaner. Since it was so warm she decided to get a little wet with it. After that she walked to the river to get a proper swim. when she got fully wet she took of her shorts. then her top and then her leggings. Under this she was wearing her bikini.  She walked around in the water and then walked back home.


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W147 Eileen getting muddy in a casual outfit

Eileen went to the muddy place in her white casual outfit. She walked around  in the muddy place and rolled into it.  When the cameraman asked her to smear a bit of mud on her face Eileen went in face forward. The cameraman didn’t expect this at all !  After some playing in the mud she was completely muddy and went for a wash-off in a pond close to the muddy place. She walked back home still half muddy.

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W139 Eileens wet day at the waterpark

Once Eileen was young she went to a waterpark with her family. She was totally dreaming when she walked over a bridge and fell into the water with all her clothes on. She was shocked for a moment but after that decided just to go on playing all day like that.

Some weeks ago Eileen went back to the waterpark and repeated all of this. She fell of the brigde and then swam around a bit. She played in the park and took a shower in the outside shower. After that she had lunch while drying up.


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W137 Eileen in red leather pants

on a warm day Eileen and her friend found a beautiful place to swim. Eileen was wearing her red leather pants black top and Adidas sneakers.  She walked in and rolled around in the shallow water. Then she jumped in in a deeper spot. Her pants started to break down so she ripped off even more pieces of the red layer. After a nice swim she sat down on a dead tree and they left to go home.



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V082 Eileen – Morning bath in jeans and striped shirt (video only)

Eileen woke up early and after  a morning walk she decided to take a bath in her striped shirt jeans and slippers with socks. She got into the warm bath and relaxed. She took of the slippers and played with them as they where boats.


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W082 Eileen and Leila in jeans and leather jackets

Leila and Eileen went to the beach. Leila was wearing her jeans, boyfriendshirt, white leather jacket and Adidas sneakers. Eileen was wearing her jeans, boyfriendsshirt black leather jacket and black boots. They played in the water running around and spashing eachother. When fully wet they took of there leather jackets and swam around. After some nice swimming they walked home together.


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W067 Eileen rock the river


Eileen went to the river. She walked on the shore and then got her ash boots slowly wet. She went in further turning her grey jeans into black. She decided to play with some mud and have a good wash-off after


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V026 Eileen cooling in the river in jeans pink shirt and boots

After some cold and rainy day, Eileen walked down to the river but her outfit was way too warm for the weather. Since she did not want to walk back home to change, she rather decided to soak her outfit to keep her cool. She walked in the river in her blue jeans, black leather boots and her pink sweater.


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V017 Eileen in rubber boots in the river

Eileen went for a walk in the river with her waders, She walked around a bit, when she got deeper the water began to ran into her waders. She decided to walk in even deeper and get her clothes wet. Then she jumped in and played with the water. She came out of the water and took of her waders. She threw the water over her head. Then she left to get herself cleaned up.


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W020 Eileen at the pool in white shirt

Eileen went to the pool to do a photoshoot. When the model didn’t come she decided to jump in herself. She first got her blue heels wet. After that her blue jeans. Then she went in fully and got her white blouse wet too. She played and posed in the water for some time. Then she got her shoes of and left to dry off.


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