W324 Eileen and Leila relaxing in the bath in cardigans

Eileen and Leila filled up the bath fully with some nice warm water. They slowly went in together. They sat down and relaxed until their jeans, shirts and cardigans where fully wet. In the end they take off the cardigans.


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W323 Eileen ripping her clothes during a shower


Eileen was in her bathroom wearing some old clothes. She got herself  wet slowly. When she was fully wet she decided she didn’t  like the clothes anymore and started ripping them. Time for some new clothes!

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W322 Eileen and Leila ripping their jeans during a bath

Eileen and Leila got into the bath wearing their jeans, hoodys and sneakers. They slowly got eachother wet with the hose until they where fully wet. Then they started ripping eachothers clothes.


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W317 Eileen renovating the house in a jeans dungaree


Eileen was busy renovating the house for a day. She got herself quite dirty so she decided to wash off the stains in the bath. She started with the sponge on her pants, then her boots. Lots of dirt came off. After that she had a relaxing shower in her clothes and got herself fully wet.

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W319 Eileen and Leila warming up after a walk in the cold

On a winterday Eileen and Leila came back after a walk in the cold. They took a cup of tea but decided that wouldnt be enough warm water. They decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose until the jackets got heavy. Then they started stripping off all the layers of clothes.


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W313 Eileen taking a bath in all white outfit

Eileen was wearing her full white outfit with jeans, top and heels. She took some pics with her cat and decided it was time for a bath. She slowly got herself wet with the hose and layed down in the bath after to relax.


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W315 Eileen in jeans skirt and jacket taking a bath

Eileen got into the bath in her jeans skirt,  blue jacket,  pantyhose and shiny boots. She slowly got wet pooring buckets of water over her. She also used the hose to get even more wet. In the end when she was fully soaked she took off the jacket and schoes.


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W312 Maya testing first time a clothed bath

Eileen met Maya at a club. She told her about her wetlook website and Maya really loved the idea. Eileen invited her to come over and play around in the bath with her. Maya got herself wet slowly. Eileen helped a bit playing with the hose. When she was all wet she took of the leather skirt showing her spandex leggings.

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W305 Eileen soaking her last dry outfit at the pool party


Eileen changed her outfit at the poolparty to her discopants, printed shirt and leather jacket. She got all wet swimming around, playing in the pool and using the slide. When she was all soaked she noticed that she forgot to bring a dry outfit. So she got back home in the car wearing only this and her jacket.

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W306 Eileen at the pool party in Freddypants, shirt and sneakers


Eileen got to the pool party in her Freddypants, shirt and sneakers.  She wasnt ready to go in yet but fell into the water when she was posing. She was completely soaked right away. She was swimming around and got out of the pool after a bit. She tried the slide and the kiddypool. At the end she tried to make underwater recordings with her phone but sadly the phone didnt survive this! It seemed to live the water a bit less then Eileen does.

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