W315 Eileen in jeans skirt and jacket taking a bath

Eileen got into the bath in her jeans skirt,  blue jacket,  pantyhose and shiny boots. She slowly got wet pooring buckets of water over her. She also used the hose to get even more wet. In the end when she was fully soaked she took off the jacket and schoes.


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W311 Eileen and LeaGabrielle warming up in the bath on a cold day

Eileen and LeaGabrielle took a walk on a winterday. After a long and cold walk they decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose. After some time they started taking of some layers showing their shirts and leggings under the jeans.


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W296 Eileens messy picnic

Eileen was invited for a suprise picknick with a friend. He made her some pancakes and served those to her. When she asked for the sugar and syrup she got it all over her head and clothes. She tried to run away but tripped in the mud as her eyes where covered in sugar.  She decided to play along and just go for a muddy bath. She played around in the mud putting it in her clothes and making mud angels. When she was all muddy she had a was off in the pond.


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W290 Eileen in black jeans high boots and shiny jacket

Eileen was alone in her bathroom wearing her black jeans, tanktop, jacket and shiny high boots when she decided to take a bath. She got herself dripping wet using the shower nozzle.


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W283 Eileen in red top and PVC leggings swimming in the river

Eileen went to the river wearing her pvc pants, red shirt and high heels. She went into the water and played around. She took of her shirt and played around in the mud.


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W265 Eileen cooling in the river in PVC pants

It was 40 degrees and ofcourse what better thing to do as to shoot wetlook! Eileen went to the old boat and put on her PVC pants and heels. She posed on the boat and slowly went into the water.  Behind te boat there where people playing in the water, but they had no idea what was going on. Eileen was in the water posing around all wet, playing with the mud.


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W246 Eileen and Queenofhell taking an oil bath

Eileen just introduced Queenofhell to wetlook but she wasnt ready yet and got Queenofhell in the bath for some oily fun. She started off getting oil on her white blouse and jeans. Queenofhell  got Eileen oily too. After dripping quite some oil on eachother Eileen filled up Queenofhells back pockets and then spanked her. Queenofhell did the same with Eileen. Eileen also filled up Queenofhells pants in the front. After some fun in the bath the girls where completely oily and slippery! Eileen tried to get her shirt a bit more clean while Queenofhell took off her white blouse slowly getting topless.

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W080 Eileen and Leila getting wet by accident wearing winter jackets


Eileen and Leila where walking at the harbour, talking about all kind of things. Eileen tripped because of her heels and accidentely pushed Leila in. She got pissed off and began splashing Eileen. When she noticed her phone was still in her pocked she dragged Eileen into the water too. When she realised it was an accident they gave up fighting and began to play a little with the water. They got out of the water all wet and walked to the car.


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W233 Eileen getting messy in leggings and surf top


Eileen was in her garden wearing her surf outfit with sneakers.  She went into the bath and got herself super messy with all kinds of colors of custard.


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W231 Eileen and QueenOfHell take an oil bath

Eileen and Queenofhell went into the bath wearing their jeans, sweaters and sneakers. Queenofhell started pooring oil over Eileens jeans. Eileen took over the bucket and threw some oil into Queenofhells shirt. After lots of pooring they decided to lay down a bit. They putted oil into the pants pockets and then spanked it out. After they got completely oily they tried to wash off a bit but without succes.  They stayed super oily!


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