W163 Eileen getting wet with bottles of water in the rain

Eileen was in the north of the country to do some photoshooting. Since it was raining so badly they decided to do shooting from their bus and have Eileen on the street. When they arrived at the location it almost stopped raining so Eileen decided to get many  bottles of mineral water that where stored in the bus and throw them all over her. It was freezing experience but full of fun.


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W151 Eileen in leather leggings posing in a hotel room

Eileen was in the North of the country for a shooting. When she was done shooting outside she decided to take a bath in her black shirt, leather leggings and high heels. She first got some water on her heels. Then went in with her leggings. She lay down to relax. After that she stood up on the platform and played around with the shower-head. When she got out she sat down in her hotel room for a while and lay on the bed to relax


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W079 Eileen and Leila in shiny leggings

Eileen and Leila went to the river. They splashed eachother wet and then let theirselves fall in. First Leila did some seperate wetlook, then Eileen joined again and Eileen did some seperate wetlook. They posed together on the beach laughing and having fun.



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W080 Eileen and Leila getting wet by accident wearing winter jackets


Eileen and Leila where walking at the harbour, talking about all kind of things. Eileen tripped because of her heels and accidentely pushed Leila in. She got pissed off and began splashing Eileen. When she noticed her phone was still in her pocked she dragged Eileen into the water too. When she realised it was an accident they gave up fighting and began to play a little with the water. They got out of the water all wet and walked to the car.


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V040 Eileen in winter clothes on a public beach

On one of the warmest days of summer Eileen decided to be a little crazy and putted on her winter jacket. She was on a little holiday to the sea. Where everybody was in bathingclothes Eileen was putting down her towels wearing her winter jacket. People where giving her very strange looks. She went into the water played around. She loved to be at sea again. She got fully wet and posed for some pictures. Her clothes got very shiny from the bright sun. In the end she took her jacket off and left to do some sunbathing fully clothed.


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W054 Elena in shiny leggings

Elena in black shiny leggings and golden spandex top relaxing in the pool on a hot afternoon.


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W041 Eileen in red dress at the harbour (incl. Video)

Eileen went down to the harbour on a nice sunny spring day to model for some portrait photos, dressed in a red dress, black stockings and black shiny high heels. After strugling wich the high heels she took them off and used them to throw water over herself. She lay down to relax and after that walked away all wet.


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