W235 Eileen in red leather pants in the river

Eileen went to the river in her red leather pants and leather jacket, when she got there she lay down on the on the shore. The water rised and slowly got her wet. She played around in the water and rolled around in the muddy water. She got her shirt all wet. She went home all wet and dirty.


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W222 Leila and Eileen braless in jeans under the shower

Eileen had Leila over for some shoots in the studio and they decided to do some wetlook after. First Leila went in, got herself wet with the hose and after that dipped her head into the water a few times having her hair hanging over her face while Eileen photographed her. After some time Eileen went into too and did the same. After that they relaxed in the bath together.  ending the scene with Leila taking off her top ( not visible)


extra piece of video and pictures avaible!



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W188 Eileen and Leila in leggings at the river

on a summer day Eileen and Leila went to the river in leggings and bra-less tops. They spashed water at eachother. Layed around taked about their jobs and relaxed.  Eileen made a video of Leila with a small waterproof camera and  after some fun they walked back home.

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W181 Eileen and Ivy in the pool in leggings

Eileen and Ivy went to the pool.  They posed a little and then Ivy pushed Eileen in but Eileen climbed back immediately to push Ivy in. They had some fun in the pool laughing talking and splashing.  Then Eileen ripped of Ivy’s shirt and Ivy Eileen’s shirt.

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W175 Cheerleader Jolynda in the pool

Jolynda and Eileen  where having fun in the pool. Eileen decided to photograph Jolynda while she did some nice cheerleader moves. She got into the pool with her leggings shirt and sports bra. She swam around a bit and tried some underwater posing. She got out and showed some more of her moves to Eileen.

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W127 Eileen and leila in leggings and bra-less shirts

Eileen and Leila went into the shower together wearing leggings with t-shirt Allstars and Adidas sneakers. They sprayed eachother wet and made some fun.


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W043 Eileen and Lauren having a waterfight

Eileen invited Lauren over on a warm spring day for her second wetlook shoot. They filled up bottles and buckets and threw water over eachother with a lot of laughing. Both wearing long boots wich they filled up with water and threw to eachother.

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