W163 Eileen getting wet with bottles of water in the rain

Eileen was in the north of the country to do some photoshooting. Since it was raining so badly they decided to do shooting from their bus and have Eileen on the street. When they arrived at the location it almost stopped raining so Eileen decided to get many  bottles of mineral water that where stored in the bus and throw them all over her. It was freezing experience but full of fun.


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W130 Ally’s first wetlook

Eileen invited Ally over to go to the river.  Before they even started getting wet in the river it began to rain very badly. The  camera crew ran away to a tree where they could stand  dry but Ally and Eileen stayed in the rain.  When it was finally dry they got back to the river and went slowly. They talked and laughed and played in the water.  Eileens heel totally broke so she threw them away in the water.  After some time they got out of the water and walked home in their wet outfits.


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W108 Jolijn’s rainy photoshoot

Jolijn had a photoshoot with her photographer friend in the rain studio. Eileen was also there to assist and film them. Jolijn started the shoot using an umbrella to protect her and her fancy shirt and skirt. When she threw the umbrella away she got fully wet through the rain and did some cool poses.



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W049 The rainiest day of the year

On a day with a lot of rain expectations Eileen was waiting for the rain to come. As soon as it started raining she took her camera and went outside. She played in the puddles and she shook the water out of the bushes. She was already soaking wet but decided to go into the river anyway to do some swimming.



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W030 Eileen playing in the rain (incl. video)

Eileen playing outside in the cold rain in her leggings, sneakers and grey hoodie. She is using every opportunity to get more and more wet, stepping in the duck pond in her garden, sitting in the sink, running around in the rain, laying down in puddles outside on the street.



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Eileen caught in the rain

Eileen in the park in England at her holiday when it started raining. She did not have an umbrella with her and her tight red top, her black skirt and her leather jacket were soon plastered to her skin. Her white sneakers became spongy from walking through the puddles. Since her clothes were almost completely drenched, she decided to use the opportunity to walk through a little fountain, then she waded into the the duck pond in the park and got herself dirty in the muddy water.

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