W139 Eileens wet day at the waterpark

Once Eileen was young she went to a waterpark with her family. She was totally dreaming when she walked over a bridge and fell into the water with all her clothes on. She was shocked for a moment but after that decided just to go on playing all day like that.

Some weeks ago Eileen went back to the waterpark and repeated all of this. She fell of the brigde and then swam around a bit. She played in the park and took a shower in the outside shower. After that she had lunch while drying up.


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W130 Ally’s first wetlook

Eileen invited Ally over to go to the river.  Before they even started getting wet in the river it began to rain very badly. The  camera crew ran away to a tree where they could stand  dry but Ally and Eileen stayed in the rain.  When it was finally dry they got back to the river and went slowly. They talked and laughed and played in the water.  Eileens heel totally broke so she threw them away in the water.  After some time they got out of the water and walked home in their wet outfits.


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W039 Eileen’s wet walk in the city (incl. VIDEO)

On a nice sunny spring day, Eileen walked to the river dressed in jeans, boots, black/green long sleeved top and a jacket. She enjoyed the warmth of the sun, then stepped in the shallow water. She could not resist to the inviting river and she ended up swimming and splashing around fully clothed. After her swim, she walked back to the city in her wet outfit and walked around the streets until her clothes dried on her body.


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V011 Eileen’s carwash VIDEO

Eileen did help to wash her boyfriend’s car on a sunny spring day. She was dressed in shiny black leggings, her new sports shoes and a blue tank top. Her boyfriend didn’t need more persuasion to throw a bucket of water on her. Eileen got soaked from head to toe in the middle of the street while passer bys and cars passed next to her.

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