W391 Eileen in yellow skirt and heels in the kiddy pool


Eileen was relaxing in her garden on a warm summer day. As it was so hot she decided to inflate the pool put water in it. Ofcourse she also had to get her clothes wet in the proces. She started with the hose in her shirt and slowly got herself all wet. She took of the heels and threw water over herself with it. Then put them back on.

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W380 Eileen muddy in the garden with Adidas shoes


Eileen was watering her garden. She didn’t get the hose to turn off so she grabbed a tool to fix it but instead the water splashed all over her. She decided to go with it and get fully wet. As she was doing so a puddle started to fill up under her and she started walking around splashing with the schoes. She got in and out of the puddle multiple times before she sat down in it. After that she washed her completely muddy schoes and jeans in the kiddy pool and took of her schoes.

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W382 Eileen in a red black business suit in kiddy pool


Eileen comes home in her business outfit on a warm day and decides its a good time for a swim! She slowly gets into the kiddy pool to get her outfit all wet and cool down. She takes of her jacket and puts it back on. After getting her outfit fully wet she sits in the garden to get dry again.

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W375 Eileen in colorful leggings in the kiddypool

Eileen was taking pictures in her new leggings set in the garden when she decided to go and fill up the kiddy pool with water. She got the garden hose and got herself fully wet while filling up the kiddy pool, she layed down in the end to relax.


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W309 Wine in the afternoon Eileen in white jeans in the kiddy pool

Eileen was in her garden drinking a glass of wine when she decided to get into the pool. She slowly got in while drinking her wine. Then she got a bucket and threw it over het head several times. She sat down and ducked her head under the water several times and threw even more buckets over her head. In the end she takes of the schoes, socks, pants and shirt.

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W295 Eileen and Leila in Nickelson jackets in kiddy pool

Eileen and Leila come back after a day of shopping in Den Bosch. They are tired and really warm. Eileen thinks its a good idea to take a bath so she jumps into the kiddy pool. Leila is still skeptical but after a while Eileen drags er in. They play around in the pool, splashing and hugging. After a while they take of their jackets.


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W284 Eileen in lace dress cardigan and pantyhose in the pool


Eileen came home at the end of the day and really felt like taking a bath. She still had the pool in her garden so she took a nice bath in the pool wearing her lace dress, cardigan and pantyhose.

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W262 Eileen and Leila in full leather outfits

Eileen and Leila were outside in the warden wearing their full leather outfits. They Slowly got into the pool and gave eachother a sponge bath until they were  completely wet. They changed jackets a few times trying out eachothers jackets in the water. When they got out they gave eachother  a hug.


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W181 Eileen and Ivy in the pool in leggings

Eileen and Ivy went to the pool.  They posed a little and then Ivy pushed Eileen in but Eileen climbed back immediately to push Ivy in. They had some fun in the pool laughing talking and splashing.  Then Eileen ripped of Ivy’s shirt and Ivy Eileen’s shirt.

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W216 Eileen gunged in white sweater and gray jeans


Eileen had a gunge session a few hours before,  she was all clean again and ready to clean up the mess when her friend pushed her in again. Eileen decided to go with it and have some more fun getting completely gunged. She rolled around and dropped the gunge over her face. At the end her friend threw lots of water at her, getting her outfit completely shiny.  She took off her sweater and jeans, showing her leggings.

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