W165 Eileen and Jolynda having fun in the pool

Eileen and Jolynda arrived at the pool in their casual outfits. They posed a bit and after some time Eileen decided to jump in dragging Jolynda with her. This was Jolynda’s first wetlook experience, they talked about it, made underwater video’s, splashed each other and had a lot of fun.

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W123 Eileen and Jolijn in sporty outfits in the pool

Eileen and Jolijn where on the edge of the pool wearing their sporty outfits. Eileen got in first then Jolijn came along. They played around in the water and posed for the camera. Eileen tried filming Jolijn with her Go-pro. They got out and took their shoes off.

Note: Photographer accidentely putted a softbox into the corner of the filming camera’s view. Hope this does not disturb too much. Girls are still visible all time.

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W101 Eileen and Jolijn – Cleaning the pool

Eileen was cleaning the pool to get it ready for shooting. When she was on the small edge she slipped and fell into the water. She decided  this was the right moment to start having fun in the water. Jolijn who was still dressing up thought it was funny and she slowly went into the water with Eileen. They started swimming and playing in the water doing some poses for the camera. They had a lot of fun. They came out of the pool and took there nikes off.


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W054 Elena in shiny leggings

Elena in black shiny leggings and golden spandex top relaxing in the pool on a hot afternoon.


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W055 Elena in pink polkadot dress

Elena arrived to the photoshoot in her pink polka-dot dress and platform shoes. When she saw the crystal clear water of the pool, she did not wait a moment and jumped in the pool in the clothes she arrived.


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W051 Elena relaxing in the pool in leather pants

Our new girl Elena was wearing a leather pants on a warm day. When she saw the swimming pool she wanted to cool down so much she even forgot to put her purse away. She went in the pool wearing her heels. She relaxed a bit on the nflatable chair and posed for some pictures.


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W020 Eileen at the pool in white shirt

Eileen went to the pool to do a photoshoot. When the model didn’t come she decided to jump in herself. She first got her blue heels wet. After that her blue jeans. Then she went in fully and got her white blouse wet too. She played and posed in the water for some time. Then she got her shoes of and left to dry off.


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W021 Sporty Eileen at the pool

Eileen did another outfit in the pool in black lycra leggings, black running top and white Adidas sports shoes. Afer posing a bit she jumped in and swam around a bit. While swimming there was a little video made. She pulled herself on the edge of the swimmingpool and did a few poses …….



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