Eileen ruining her dress with red wine.

Eileen was drinking some wine when she accidentally threw some over her dress.  She decided it was too late to save it so she went to the bathroom and got 2 bottles of wine. She threw it all over her dress and white pantyhose making it all messy.  She tried washing it out but since that wasnt really possible  she forgot about washing and ripped all of her clothes apart!


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W154 Eileen getting a bath after a business meeting

Eileen went home after a business meeting. She got into the bathroom and got into the bath. She got the showerhead and got her pantyhose wet first. Then slowly her entire outfit. She relaxed in the bath after her busy day. After a nice bath she took of her gilet and her shirt.

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W119 Eileen in red dress covered in oil

Eileen’s friend had lots of oil and didn’t know what to do with it. She got into the shower in a big bucket and threw the oil all over her using 20 liters. She got totally oily until her dress started to loose color because of the oil, She decided to tear and cut the dress  pantyhose and the jacket apart in the end.

  • Note: the light isn’t very good at this set sadly, but since lots of people asked about this set I will publish it anyways.
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W050 Eileen ripping pantyhose at the river

Eileen went to the river in her white blouse long boots and plaid skirt. When she just got in one of her boots broke. When she got in fully her other boot also began to fall apart and she decided to take them off. She played in the water when she noticed a hole in her pantyhose she began to rip them even more until it was full of holes. Next to the river there was a bit of mud she played in. She went into the river and washed it off again. When she went home she had to go all through the mud again to climb over the fence.


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