W289 Eileen and the hair gel

Eileen was in the supermarket before shooting when she saw this big jars of hair gel. She decided to take some and play around in the garden with it giving herself some crazy hair looks and putting it all over her clothes and body. When she was all slimy she decided to wash off in the bath.

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W277 Eileen going for a swim in an Adidas shirt and jeans and bathing suit


on a summer day Eileen wanted to go for  a swim, she walked to the lake wearing her clothes over her bathingsuit. When she arrived she decided she wasnt going to take off all that clothes and went in like that. She played  around in the water getting her clothes completely soaked.

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W275 Eileen and Leila in the river in gray and black leggings

At a warm summer day Eileen and Leila went to the river and took some buckets to play with. They started throwing water at eachother getting eachother completely wet. They played around the river and relaxed a bit. It was a perfect summer day.

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W274 Eileen in floral shirt and jeans in the river

At a summer evening Eileen went to the river to take a walk, when she got too close to the river and her schoes got wet anyways she decided to fully go for it and get wet when the sun was going down slowly. She played around in the water spashing. After some fun she walked home.

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W265 Eileen cooling in the river in PVC pants

It was 40 degrees and ofcourse what better thing to do as to shoot wetlook! Eileen went to the old boat and put on her PVC pants and heels. She posed on the boat and slowly went into the water.  Behind te boat there where people playing in the water, but they had no idea what was going on. Eileen was in the water posing around all wet, playing with the mud.


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W264 Eileen and Lea Gabrielle warming up after jogging

Eileen and Lea Gabrielle had a little run outside to stay fit! It was a cold day and they felt like taking a bath. So they went in together with their sporty outfit on. They got eachother wet using the hose and relaxing in the bath.


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W266 Eileen at the waterfall full jeans outfit

Eileen just had a photoshoot at the waterfall, she changed her wet clothes into her dry full jeans outfit. For a little break and warm up she went to see the river of Arnhem. When she got back to the waterfall she went right in. Playing with the water and climing the rocks. She loved the waterfall!


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W262 Eileen and Leila in full leather outfits

Eileen and Leila were outside in the warden wearing their full leather outfits. They Slowly got into the pool and gave eachother a sponge bath until they were  completely wet. They changed jackets a few times trying out eachothers jackets in the water. When they got out they gave eachother  a hug.


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W259 Eileen at the waterfalls in her new red leggings

Eileen was at Sonsbeek park after being in the city. When she walked up to the waterfall she saw a few girls discussing for a long time. They had a challenge day and one of it was sticking their hand through the waterfall.  None of the girls was brave enough to do it, but Eileen walked passed them, sticked her hand through the waterfall, then her head and full body. The girls where amazed! and happy their challenge was a succes without touching the water! Eileen was happy to be in the waterfall and had some fun playing with the water and the rocks!


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W236 Eileen filming herself soaking in a heavy rain


Eileen was just getting dressed as she noticed the heavy rain outside. She decied to go outside for some wetlook fun. She putted on her schoes and went outside. She danced around in the rain and took some buckets to get even more wet. When she was fully soaked she went inside and sat on the couch getting it very wet.


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