W407 Eileen gunged in jeans and hoodie

Eileen got into a bath already filled up with gunge. She was wearing a layered outfit with 2 jeans, hood. She sat down in the gunge and started playing with it. After some time she added more colors of thick gunge to get her outfit completely covered.

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W387 Eileen covered in beans


Eileen was on a shooting day with  2 friends. She told him they could  create the shoot idea. He went to the supermarket while Eileen set up the camera. They came home with lots of brown beans. So Eileen filled up her clothes with it, threw them over her face and let the bean juice leak over her clothes til everything was filled up with beans. After that her friends took the hose and washed her off.

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W385 Eileen in the mud in jeans and white shirt


Eileen was walking in nature when she saw the mud pool finally looked good again. She started walking in to try it out. Then sat down to get all muddy. She rolled around and played in the mud. After she took a little walk and layed down in the flowerfeeld.

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W384 Eileen a white dress and maple syrup


Eileen got into the bath wearing a cute white dress. She started pouring maple syrup on herself starting with her dress, arms and then all over her face. After she was all covered in maple syrup she started ripping the dress.

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W350 Eileen in white top and skirt getting messy with syrup


On a summer day Eileen got into the bath wearing her white top en pink skirt. She slowly started pouring syrup onto her head. Leaving her very messy and sticky.

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W349 Eileen’s beer bath


Eileen got into the bathroom with a few beers to drink. Instead of drinking she started pouring the beer over her clothes and head. When she was covered in beer she decided to wash off, using the hose first and then some soap. In the end she took of her pants and hoody showing her bathingsuit.  She filmed it all with a pov phone camera.

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W339 Eileen in her yellow raincoat gettings messy with custard

Eileen got into the bath wearing her rainsuit to test if it would stop her from getting very dirty. She started pooring chocolat custard over her, then some maple syrup. After that she used whipped cream, some pies and at the end some chocolat milk to wash it off.  After that she had another wash-off with water.


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W329 Eileen in red satin dress bathing with champagne

Eileen was in the bathroom wearing her red satin dress after a party. Nobody really wanted to drink the champagne so she decided to shower in it.  She slowly poored it over her face and her shoulders, dripping over her dress. It was very prickly and fun. After the champagne shower the used the water hose to get clean.


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W316 Eileen muddy in tracksuit


Eileen was walking around in nature with her friends wearing her tracksuit when she decided to take a mudbath. She started slowly by walking into the mud. Smuding it around til she was fully covered. She also put a lot of mud into her clothes to make her look fat. She crawled into the deeper part of the lake to wash off. Then walked to another part to get even more clean.

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W296 Eileens messy picnic

Eileen was invited for a suprise picknick with a friend. He made her some pancakes and served those to her. When she asked for the sugar and syrup she got it all over her head and clothes. She tried to run away but tripped in the mud as her eyes where covered in sugar.  She decided to play along and just go for a muddy bath. She played around in the mud putting it in her clothes and making mud angels. When she was all muddy she had a was off in the pond.


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