W172 Eileen playing with custard.

Eileen had a new request from a messy fan so she went to the supermarket to buy lots of custard. She got into the bath and got the custard all over her and in her bathing-suit and leggings. She smudged it all over her. When she was all messy she decided to wash off and take of her shoes, leggings and bathing-suit.


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Eileen ruining her dress with red wine.

Eileen was drinking some wine when she accidentally threw some over her dress.  She decided it was too late to save it so she went to the bathroom and got 2 bottles of wine. She threw it all over her dress and white pantyhose making it all messy.  She tried washing it out but since that wasnt really possible  she forgot about washing and ripped all of her clothes apart!


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W162 Eileen getting very very .. very messy

Eileen was making  pancakes when her whisk broke down and ruined all her pancakes batter.  She decided to use it for some messy fun. She got into her bath having all kinds of ingredients prepared. Her cat got curious and  joined her. She started getting custard all over her shoes, legs, body and then face. Her cat looked at her like she was crazy. After that she used chocolate milk, powdered sugar, the pancake batter, whipped cream, Nutella and in the end 3 big pies! After smudging it all out she had a good wash-off to get clean again.


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W152 Eileen taking a custard bath in a hotel room

Eileen was in the South of the country to shoot and stayed over in a hotel.  She decided to use this situation to get some nice pictures. She bought lots of custard and a tiramisu. She got into the bath and when she got the camera filming she threw the tiramisu cake right into her face. Getting her face and the wall totally messy. Then she used some cans of custard to get a big custard bath.

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W119 Eileen in red dress covered in oil

Eileen’s friend had lots of oil and didn’t know what to do with it. She got into the shower in a big bucket and threw the oil all over her using 20 liters. She got totally oily until her dress started to loose color because of the oil, She decided to tear and cut the dress  pantyhose and the jacket apart in the end.

  • Note: the light isn’t very good at this set sadly, but since lots of people asked about this set I will publish it anyways.
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V088 Eileen getting feathered

Eileen went to a field near the river.  First she got treacle all over her. Then  all feathers so she was totally full of feathers. She walked around like this, and then washed off in the river. After washing off she putted on her leggings and adidas hoody. She got into the water again and swam around. She rolled around again in the feathers to see if it would work with water ( it does !) Then she washed off again and relaxed in the water.


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V079 Eileen messy in the shower with shaving foam

This is a video of Eileen learning you to count in dutch pushing a shaving foam pie in her face at every number. After her face is full of foam she showers off in her striped shirt and jeans.


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W113 Eileen getting messy in a catsuit


Eileen got the idea to get her catsuit fully covered with custard. She used vanilla first to get some spots on the catsuit. Then also chocolat and caramel to get fully covered. She poored some into the catsuit too. When washing off she struggeled to get it out of the catsuit.


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W104 Eileen taking a bath in custard

Eileen got into the bath with her hoody jeans and sneakers. She started pooring custard over her clothes she used vanilla first but also chocolat strawberry and caramel. When she got covered fully with custard she used some whipped cream chocolat sauce and discodip to finish it off.


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W056 Sweet dreams – Eileen getting messy on her bed

Eileen was asleep when suddenly  a pie was thrown in her face! She laughed and decided to get even more messy on the bed. She threw custard over herself and her teddybear getting the whole bed messy. When she got all messy she decided to clean it off a bit so the rest of her house will be spared. Then she walked to the shower to get clean again.

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