W201 Leila throwing pies at Eileen

Eileen and Leila where at the park when Leila got a big suprise for Eileen. Lots of Birthday cakes! Instead of eating them Leila threw them all over Eileen. After that Eileen gave her a hug to get her a little messy too!


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W196 Leila in jeans and waders in the river

Leila went to the river. On the beach she put on her waders with Eileen filming her. She got into the water and walked further slowly until the wader got into her waders and got her jeans all wet. She splashed around in the water and got fully wet. She got on the beach and rolled around she washed off in the river. Eileen helped her to take off the waters and threw the water in it all over Leila.  Leila filled them up again and threw it all over her.



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W188 Eileen and Leila in leggings at the river

on a summer day Eileen and Leila went to the river in leggings and bra-less tops. They spashed water at eachother. Layed around taked about their jobs and relaxed.  Eileen made a video of Leila with a small waterproof camera and  after some fun they walked back home.

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Leila bathing in Nickelson jacket

After Eileen and Leila had a lingerie-shoot Leila stayed for some coffee and chocolate ice cream. Eileen asked her if she wanted to do some wetlook and Leila said yes!  She was wearing spandex leggings and a black top, Eileen also gave her a Nickelson Jacket to wear. She got into the bath and sprayed it all wet while Eileen was photographing her. Then she lay down and got her clothes fully wet.


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W185 Eileen and Leila Black and White wetlook

Eileen and Leila went into the bathroom wearing white blouses and black and white jeans.  First Eileen sprayed Leila completely wet, then Leila got the hose and sprayed Eileen very wet. A friend came unespected and the cameraman asked him to spray both girls wet.  He had lots of fun.

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W177 Leila coming home from a party

Leila arrived to Eileen’s studio after a party. She was dressed in a black sleeveless catsuit, leather skirt and jacket and high heels. Eileen liked her outfit and decided to take some photos of Leila. After a while Leila asked her if she can take a bath and naturally Eileen agreed, at the condition, that she can film it.

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W171 Anne Leila and Eileen having a waterfight on the street

On a summer day Anne and Leila went to Eileen to have some water fun. They had a lot of water-balloons, buckets and water-guns. They where patiently waiting for the fight to start. They started the fight all enthusiastic and laughing splashing each  other all wet. When they thought they where ready they all posed a bit at the garden door when suddenly a big bucket of water was thrown all over them from the balcony!


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W161 – 3 girls going for an unplanned swim

After making wetlook videos together, Eileen, Anne and Leila changed into some dry clothes and planned to have some drinks at the beach to relax. They walked to the river and Anne could not stay away from the water, she walked in the water, soaking only her shoes. Eileen and Leila followed her example but they did not intend to get any wetter. Well it did not work this way as Anne started to splash them and jumped around in the water getting each other more and more wet. After some swimming and playing they went home passing by the restaurants full of people.


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W150 Eileen and Leila swimming in Nickelson and Moncler jackets


Eileen and Leila went to the river in their Moncler and Nickelson jackets. They got into the water playing and laughing. They tried to dive in but the jackets where like a life jacket wich keeped them floating. After some time they did get the jackets soaking. They walked back home passing by the restaurants on the way home having people watching.

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W140 3 girls in leatherlook outfit

Eileen Leila and Anne went to the river in their leather look outfits. They found a cute dog on the beach and played around with him.  Then they decided to go for a swim. They went into the water splashing each other. They got fully wet and lay around in the water talking and laughing.

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