W216 Eileen gunged in white sweater and gray jeans


Eileen had a gunge session a few hours before,  she was all clean again and ready to clean up the mess when her friend pushed her in again. Eileen decided to go with it and have some more fun getting completely gunged. She rolled around and dropped the gunge over her face. At the end her friend threw lots of water at her, getting her outfit completely shiny.  She took off her sweater and jeans, showing her leggings.

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W217 Eileen and Leila Christmas colors


Eileen and Leila decided to wear some Christmas colored outfits this time! They played outside with the dog for a while before they started the bath.  Eileen got Leila wet first and her white blouse got all see through! Then Leila got the hose and got Eileen all wet. The water revealed the catsuit Eileen was wearing under her white  shirt. They relaxed in the bath and had some fun playing in the water. At the end Eileen took of her top and they take off their schoes.

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W193 Eileen in red shiny legging and surf top in the sea

Eileen was driving around in Croatia with some friends to discover the Island. They found this beautifull place at sea where they had some lunch, When they where ready Eileen decided to go into the water in her leggings and surftop! She played around in the water and stood on the rocks to watch the beautiful view.


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W207 Luna being a wetlook model for the first time


Luna and another photographer came to Eileens studio to shoot.  When they where ready with their nude shooting  Eileen asked  Luna if she would be up for some wetlook fun. Luna said yes and they walked to the river together. She got in  the water and slowly got herself completely wet. Eileen was photographing her and got quite wet herself too while photographing Luna.  Luna played and posed around in the water. She was getting cold and decided to take off all the clothes and put some others on before getting back to the studio.


Extra video and pics avaible, ask Eileen!

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W206 Eileen trying out several leggings under the shower

Eileen woke up in her short leggings and Frenetic shirt. She wanted to go do some yoga in the yogaclass at the beach in Croatia. She was in doubt of what she would wear and tried out all the leggings she had. When she was wearing the light blue leggings she wondered what they would look like when wet. So she went into the shower and got it all wet. Then she tried another pair of leggings in the shower. She knew now that this would be her outfit for the yogaclass!


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W205 Eileen and Leila cooling down in the river on a hot summer day


Eileen and Leila went to the river in  dark pants and leggings, a leather jacket and hoody.  They played in the water getting all wet. Then they climed up the rocks to get a good view of the river.

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W204 Eileen swimming in ICIW jeans in the river

On a summer evening Eileen was doing her daily walk at the river. It was quite hot and she decided to take a swim wearing her grey leggings and turtleneck top!


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W197 Eileen getting covered in custard wearing leatherlook leggings

On a nice day Eileen was walking around in her garden when she decided to do some messy shooting. She got into the bath wearing her leather look leggings and silver leotard. She covered herself with different colors of custard starting at her feet, all up to her legs, belly, shoulders and  all over face. When she was all covered she washed off her clothes.


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W192 Eileen in legging and Adidas shirt in Croatia

It was a rainy afternoon in Croatia and when the rain stopped, Eileen went to the outdoor training site which was right next to the sea.  She thought that after all the weather wasn’t so cold, and lest use all the opportunities during the holidays to go for a swim in the sea. She was dressed in her gray sports leggings and a white Adidas athletic top. Since the hotel was about 5 minutes uphill, she decided to swim in her workout outfit. After her swim, she walked back to the training site .. all wet … to the biggest astonishment of the girls who were doing yoga.

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W188 Eileen and Leila in leggings at the river

on a summer day Eileen and Leila went to the river in leggings and bra-less tops. They spashed water at eachother. Layed around taked about their jobs and relaxed.  Eileen made a video of Leila with a small waterproof camera and  after some fun they walked back home.

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