W375 Eileen in colorful leggings in the kiddypool

Eileen was taking pictures in her new leggings set in the garden when she decided to go and fill up the kiddy pool with water. She got the garden hose and got herself fully wet while filling up the kiddy pool, she layed down in the end to relax.


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W373 Eileen in a sexy outfit water the plants


Eileen got home in her leggings, top, blazer and high heeled boots. She started watering the plants but got some water on herself. Right away she started using the rain hose to get herself fully wet. After she took off her boots.

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W217 Eileen and Leila Christmas colors


Eileen and Leila decided to wear some Christmas colored outfits this time! They played outside with the dog for a while before they started the bath.  Eileen got Leila wet first and her white blouse got all see through! Then Leila got the hose and got Eileen all wet. The water revealed the catsuit Eileen was wearing under her white  shirt. They relaxed in the bath and had some fun playing in the water. At the end Eileen took of her top and they take off their schoes.

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W347 Eileen and Leila hairwashing in spandex leggings

Eileen is in the bathroom wearing her spandex leggings and purple shirt. Leila walks in and stars pooring water over her head.  Then Eileen does the same to Leila. They poor over more buckets over eachothers head and both do a set of dunks in the water.  They wash eachothers hair twice and then use conditioner.


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W345 Eileen tied by Leila in a BM octopus dress

Leila wanted to do some payback on Eileen on all the buckets of water she got over her head in all these years, so she tied Eileen up in the garden chair and threw lots of buckets of water on her. When she got Eileen loose Eileen ran up to her and hugged her. To make peace they had a nice bath together after.


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W342 Eileen Leggings memories from Croatia

Eileen was on her balcony in the holiday home in Croatia.  She wanted to go out to the sea but was a little lazy so she started getting her leggings and surftop wet on the balcony. After that she took a shower, taking off the shorts and putting on another legging.

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W337 Eileen in a lake in Fila tracksuit and leggings

Eileen was in nature looking for a place to get muddy in, as it was very much impossible to find any good mud she decided to get wet in her Fila tracksuit. She slowly got into the lake and dived in head forward. After getting her Fila tracksuit fully wet she took it off revealing her black leggings and tanktop.


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W334 Eileen in gray leggings in the river on a stormy day


On a windy and  rainy day Eileen went to the river to swim in her leggings and shirt.  She filmed herself going into the water slowly, splashing her clothes wet and playing around in the river.

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W319 Eileen and Leila warming up after a walk in the cold

On a winterday Eileen and Leila came back after a walk in the cold. They took a cup of tea but decided that wouldnt be enough warm water. They decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose until the jackets got heavy. Then they started stripping off all the layers of clothes.


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W314 Eileen blue leggings tank top and hoodie in bath

Eileen was wearing her favorite blue spandex leggings when she decided to take a bath. Slowly she got herself wet with the hose until she was fully soaked.


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