W220 Eileen relaxing on the beach

Eileen was on the beach relaxing on her towel when the water suddenly got very close and washed all over her getting her all wet.  She decided to go with it and wrap the towel around her getting her even more wet. She swam around a little and played around on the rocks.  When she walked home her outfit in the towel where super heavy from all the water!


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W219 Leila taking a bath in winterjacket after jogging


After shooting Leila stayed over and had a run on the streets. It started raining and Eileen was ready with the camera when Leila was arriving back at the house! Eileen asked her if she wanted to have a warm bath and Leila said yes! She first got herself all wet with the hose and then relaxed in the bath. Taking of her jacket at the end

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W197 Eileen getting covered in custard wearing leatherlook leggings

On a nice day Eileen was walking around in her garden when she decided to do some messy shooting. She got into the bath wearing her leather look leggings and silver leotard. She covered herself with different colors of custard starting at her feet, all up to her legs, belly, shoulders and  all over face. When she was all covered she washed off her clothes.


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W189 Even Eileen s cat loves the water

Eileen went to the river on her bike. She noticed her cat was running with her, he ran all the way with her to the river. When they arrived Eileen went into the water wearing her favorite blue leggings and Adidas sweater.  She played around in the water and lay down on the riverside. When she got out she gave her cat a big hug, he was very happy she came out.  She went back home on her bicycle with the cat running after her.


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Leila bathing in Nickelson jacket

After Eileen and Leila had a lingerie-shoot Leila stayed for some coffee and chocolate ice cream. Eileen asked her if she wanted to do some wetlook and Leila said yes!  She was wearing spandex leggings and a black top, Eileen also gave her a Nickelson Jacket to wear. She got into the bath and sprayed it all wet while Eileen was photographing her. Then she lay down and got her clothes fully wet.


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W175 Cheerleader Jolynda in the pool

Jolynda and Eileen  where having fun in the pool. Eileen decided to photograph Jolynda while she did some nice cheerleader moves. She got into the pool with her leggings shirt and sports bra. She swam around a bit and tried some underwater posing. She got out and showed some more of her moves to Eileen.

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W172 Eileen playing with custard.

Eileen had a new request from a messy fan so she went to the supermarket to buy lots of custard. She got into the bath and got the custard all over her and in her bathing-suit and leggings. She smudged it all over her. When she was all messy she decided to wash off and take of her shoes, leggings and bathing-suit.


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W163 Eileen getting wet with bottles of water in the rain

Eileen was in the north of the country to do some photoshooting. Since it was raining so badly they decided to do shooting from their bus and have Eileen on the street. When they arrived at the location it almost stopped raining so Eileen decided to get many  bottles of mineral water that where stored in the bus and throw them all over her. It was freezing experience but full of fun.


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W161 – 3 girls going for an unplanned swim

After making wetlook videos together, Eileen, Anne and Leila changed into some dry clothes and planned to have some drinks at the beach to relax. They walked to the river and Anne could not stay away from the water, she walked in the water, soaking only her shoes. Eileen and Leila followed her example but they did not intend to get any wetter. Well it did not work this way as Anne started to splash them and jumped around in the water getting each other more and more wet. After some swimming and playing they went home passing by the restaurants full of people.


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W151 Eileen in leather leggings posing in a hotel room

Eileen was in the North of the country for a shooting. When she was done shooting outside she decided to take a bath in her black shirt, leather leggings and high heels. She first got some water on her heels. Then went in with her leggings. She lay down to relax. After that she stood up on the platform and played around with the shower-head. When she got out she sat down in her hotel room for a while and lay on the bed to relax


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