W319 Eileen and Leila warming up after a walk in the cold

On a winterday Eileen and Leila came back after a walk in the cold. They took a cup of tea but decided that wouldnt be enough warm water. They decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose until the jackets got heavy. Then they started stripping off all the layers of clothes.


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W303 Eileen all wet in black

Eileen was chilling in her silver leggings, leather shirt and black velvet shirt when she felt like taking a bath. She went into the bathroom and slowly started to get wet with the hose. When she was fully wet she layed down in the bath and took of her leggings revealing her black pantyhose.


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W280 Eileen Holiday in the jungle


Eileen was on a holiday at centerparks. It got way more sunny then expected and she was on the beach wearing her dress leggings and cardigan. She decided to go into the water just like that. Then she walked around the park, watching the minigolf and she walked around in the tropical garden.


Note: because this is an unexpected holiday video its not high quality.

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W276 Eileen getting messy in leggings a top and boots

Eileen got into the bath, she had a lot of custard prepared and slowly got herself messy with different kinds of custard wearing her leggings shirt and purple boots.


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W275 Eileen and Leila in the river in gray and black leggings

At a warm summer day Eileen and Leila went to the river and took some buckets to play with. They started throwing water at eachother getting eachother completely wet. They played around the river and relaxed a bit. It was a perfect summer day.

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W266 Eileen at the waterfalls in pink leggings

Eileen was in Sonsbeek park, she was posing on the rocks on top of the waterfall. Then suddenly she dropped her jacket. It got stuck on one of the stones in the waterfall so she walked up to the waterfall top get it. When she finally got her jacket she was already so wet it did not matter anymore, so she went in fully enjoying the waterfall.


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W265 Eileen cooling in the river in PVC pants

It was 40 degrees and ofcourse what better thing to do as to shoot wetlook! Eileen went to the old boat and put on her PVC pants and heels. She posed on the boat and slowly went into the water.  Behind te boat there where people playing in the water, but they had no idea what was going on. Eileen was in the water posing around all wet, playing with the mud.


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W259 Eileen at the waterfalls in her new red leggings

Eileen was at Sonsbeek park after being in the city. When she walked up to the waterfall she saw a few girls discussing for a long time. They had a challenge day and one of it was sticking their hand through the waterfall.  None of the girls was brave enough to do it, but Eileen walked passed them, sticked her hand through the waterfall, then her head and full body. The girls where amazed! and happy their challenge was a succes without touching the water! Eileen was happy to be in the waterfall and had some fun playing with the water and the rocks!


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W256 Eileen getting messy with cola oil and mud

Eileen wanted to try this Cola and Mentos expiriment. She kind of failed at getting the Cola fountain very big so she decided to just throw it all over herself and jump in the pond. When she was all wet and dirty she walked home. She got into the bath and started pouring oil over her clothes.  She used a lot, getting herself all dirty and shiny. After that she washed off and stripped down to her speedo bathingsuit.


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W254 Eileen getting wet and muddy in a catsuit and Galaxy skirt

Eileen was in the nature close to home looking for this old boat she saw years ago. Finally she found it again! Ofcourse she couldnt resist getting wet there. She posed on the boat and went into the water slowly. She got in fully, played with the mud and the plants and posed on the boat all wet. Then she took of her skirt and her jacket showing her spandex catsuit.


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