W151 Eileen in leather leggings posing in a hotel room

Eileen was in the North of the country for a shooting. When she was done shooting outside she decided to take a bath in her black shirt, leather leggings and high heels. She first got some water on her heels. Then went in with her leggings. She lay down to relax. After that she stood up on the platform and played around with the shower-head. When she got out she sat down in her hotel room for a while and lay on the bed to relax


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W140 3 girls in leatherlook outfit

Eileen Leila and Anne went to the river in their leather look outfits. They found a cute dog on the beach and played around with him.  Then they decided to go for a swim. They went into the water splashing each other. They got fully wet and lay around in the water talking and laughing.

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W137 Eileen in red leather pants

on a warm day Eileen and her friend found a beautiful place to swim. Eileen was wearing her red leather pants black top and Adidas sneakers.  She walked in and rolled around in the shallow water. Then she jumped in in a deeper spot. Her pants started to break down so she ripped off even more pieces of the red layer. After a nice swim she sat down on a dead tree and they left to go home.



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W080 Eileen and Leila getting wet by accident wearing winter jackets


Eileen and Leila where walking at the harbour, talking about all kind of things. Eileen tripped because of her heels and accidentely pushed Leila in. She got pissed off and began splashing Eileen. When she noticed her phone was still in her pocked she dragged Eileen into the water too. When she realised it was an accident they gave up fighting and began to play a little with the water. They got out of the water all wet and walked to the car.


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V010 Eileen and Anouk warming up in the bath VIDEO

Eileen and Anouk warming up in the bath fully clothed after a walk in the cold outside. First Eileen went in and dragged Anouk with her in the bath. After they bathed they went to the shower. They take off eachothers jackets and see that Anouks shirt gets totally see through. They sit in the shower a bit and have some fun together.


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W032 Two girls in leather outfits

Eileen and Anouk taking a shower in leather outfits. Leather skirts and PVC top. They get wet seperatly showering and then sit in the bath together to relax


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W028 Steph loves mud

Eileen’s English photographer friend is a huge fan of mud. He went with Steph to the beach to take some photos of her in her perfectly fitting full leather outfit (leather jacket, leather pants and boots) and as Steph walked on the beach, her boots got muddy. Since she is familiar with mud, she decided to get covered completely, not paying too much attention to the people walking around. Once she got completely muddy, she has tried to clean herself in the shallow water but despite her best efforts, she was still quite muddy as she walked back to the car.


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W015 A sunny day in December (incl. video)

It was a sunny day at the beginning of December .Eileen went for a walk to the river with her boyfriend who was taking photos of her. The light conditions were simply perfect, as well as Eileen’s outfit: she wore her short leather dungaree with stockings underneath, her leather jacket and her leather boots. Even though the weather was mild, she had to brave the cold water … and she did it with a huge smile on her face as you will see 🙂

When she returned home after having to walk back in her wet outfit, she was rather happy to step under the warm shower in her leather outfit after all that cold water.

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Swimming at the river close to home

Eileen got a visit from a photographer friend who loves to take wetlook photographs. Eileen has the luck that she lives a few minutes walking from this nice river, Eileen’s friend asked her to strike a pose for a nice portrait wearing dungarees, a leather jacket and pink shirt.

They ended up playing and swimming in the river.

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