W285 Eileen and Leila enjoying their wet leather jackets

Eileen and Leila where outside wearing their full leather outfit.  They went inside to take a bath together. Getting eachother wet with the hose and playing around in the tub. They ended giving eachother a big hug.


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W255 Eileen and Leila in shiny and wet Nickelson jackets

Eileen and Leila where at a shoot when it suddenly started to rain. They decided to go home but when they arrived at the garden they where already so wet they decided to stay outside and play with the water. They got eachother all soaking wet with some buckets wearing their Nickelson jackets and leather pants. After some time they get cold and go inside to get a warm bath. After that they decide to get back into the rain for a little longer!


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W223 Eileen and QueenOfHell in Nickelson jackets

Eileen and Queenofhell where outside for a smoke in their jackets. It was a rainy day, after some time in the cold weather they decided to warm up a little in the bath. Queenofhell never got wet in clothes before. Eileen got her in the bath and got her all wet with the hose. They laughed a lot and had lots of fun with this strange feeling of her first wet clothes. Then Queenofhell got the hose and made Eileen all wet. After the bath got a full they went in together, Relaxing in the warm water. They took off the jackets and dripped the water all over eachother.


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W159 Eileen in leather pants in a muddy swamp

Eileen was on the countryside for a photoshoot. She posed around and decided she wanted to walk a little further into the meadow. She walked over a small plank when it suddenly shifted and she fell off!  She was shocked at first  and tried to get out.  She had a hard time getting out and fell into it again. She decided her outfit was ruined anyways and she went in fully. Played cheerleader with the waterplants and used them as a wig.  A farmer  passed  by and she waved at him, he laughed and thought she was crazy. When she got out she went for a washoff still leaving her hair and clothes with grey stains.

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V087 A very wet day

Eileen got up in the morning wearing her pajamas, she brushed her teeth and took a clothed shower in her pajamas. After breakfast makeup and dressing up she took a walk on the street. Suddenly a bucket of water fell out of a window getting her all wet.  She went home and played around with the water-hose. After that she was having lunch still in her wet clothes. When she was done eating another surprise came for her.  After that she dressed up in another outfit and went to the river with a bucket. A cow was very interested in the bucket and tried to steal it. At this warm day the cow liked to have some water on his face too. Eileen threw a few buckets of water all over her and swam around in the river. Then she went back home after a very wet day.


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W057 Eileen relaxing by the lake

Eileen was at a lake wearing blue heels, leather pants and a fluffy jacket. She went into the water with her handbag full of stuff having people watching. She got all wet and her fluffy jacket got very heavy. She got on the shore and showed off all her wet stuff. She walked around on the street being dripping wet and finally went to the car to go home.


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W072 Public wetlook in Amsterdam

On a warm day in Amsterdam Eileen decided to get wet in the fountains. Where everybody was trying to stay dry Eileen danced around in the water getting her down jacket and leather pants totally soaked. After that she went to another water place with a lot of people sitting around the water. They where all looking at her and taking pics. After some time Eileen decided to go back to the fountains wearing her bikini. This is where she got sended away by the guards. She didn’t mind tho because she had a fun time !



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W051 Elena relaxing in the pool in leather pants

Our new girl Elena was wearing a leather pants on a warm day. When she saw the swimming pool she wanted to cool down so much she even forgot to put her purse away. She went in the pool wearing her heels. She relaxed a bit on the nflatable chair and posed for some pictures.


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W048 Eileen rocking in the river

Eileen is dressed as a rocker girl, in leather pants, leather boots, riveted belt and a Guns&Roses t-shirt. She is first posing for some dry photos on an excavator, then she slowly moves to the river and gradually soaks her leather outfit. She enjoys as the water runs down her legs inside of her leather pants while lifting her legs in the air.

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W028 Steph loves mud

Eileen’s English photographer friend is a huge fan of mud. He went with Steph to the beach to take some photos of her in her perfectly fitting full leather outfit (leather jacket, leather pants and boots) and as Steph walked on the beach, her boots got muddy. Since she is familiar with mud, she decided to get covered completely, not paying too much attention to the people walking around. Once she got completely muddy, she has tried to clean herself in the shallow water but despite her best efforts, she was still quite muddy as she walked back to the car.


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