W164 Aida taking a bath in a leather outfit + FREE BONUS SET

Once a girl experienced the joy of a clothed bath, she gets more and more tempted to try her more expensive outfits in the water. Well Aida got the idea to take a bath in her real leather jacket and her new leather look leggings and a pretty lace body. She truly enjoyed her bath and hopefully you will feel her excitement while watching her photos and video.


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Since Lulu’s set at the lake in her tracksuit was so popular, we convinced her to come back for a clothed bath in her old-school Adidas tracksuit.

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W158 Aida for the first time clothed in a bath

Aida is new to wetlook. She never had the idea to get wet with her clothes on until she saw some photos of a photographer on Facebook, where some pretty girls posed for the camera … fully clothed … in a bath …. full of water.

She took all her courage and contacted the photographer, and a few days later they set up a meeting for a photoshoot. When she arrived, she was dressed in a black lace dress, a leather jacket, pantyhose and platform boots. When the photographer inquired what clothes she bought for the photoshoot, she simple replied that she would like to pose in this outfit, exactly as she was dressed.

Judge yourself whether she did a good enough job 🙂 … she almost did not want to get out of the bath, as you can see in the extra long video.

We must note that Aida not only enjoyed her first clothed bath but she agreed to return and become a regular wetlook model for Wamderland.


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W146 Eileen in white jeans and leather jacket in the river

Eileen went to the river in her white jeans leather jacket and turtleneck shirt. She lay down on the sand to relax and decided to go swimming.  She walked into the water and played around in the water, she layed down and dunked under fully. She swam around and then walked back home passing by the restaurants.


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W128 Holiday in Cyprus part 1

Eileen went on holiday in Cyprus. She was in an awesome hotel that was right next to the beach. She walked to the beach and got into the water with her new purple leggings and leather jacket. She played around in the water and after some time she walked back to the hotel for some sun bathing. After that she took a shower in the beautifull garden shower from the hotel to get all the salt of her clothes.


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W082 Eileen and Leila in jeans and leather jackets

Leila and Eileen went to the beach. Leila was wearing her jeans, boyfriendshirt, white leather jacket and Adidas sneakers. Eileen was wearing her jeans, boyfriendsshirt black leather jacket and black boots. They played in the water running around and spashing eachother. When fully wet they took of there leather jackets and swam around. After some nice swimming they walked home together.


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W049 The rainiest day of the year

On a day with a lot of rain expectations Eileen was waiting for the rain to come. As soon as it started raining she took her camera and went outside. She played in the puddles and she shook the water out of the bushes. She was already soaking wet but decided to go into the river anyway to do some swimming.



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V010 Eileen and Anouk warming up in the bath VIDEO

Eileen and Anouk warming up in the bath fully clothed after a walk in the cold outside. First Eileen went in and dragged Anouk with her in the bath. After they bathed they went to the shower. They take off eachothers jackets and see that Anouks shirt gets totally see through. They sit in the shower a bit and have some fun together.


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W034 Who loves Steph all muddy?

Eileen’s English photographer friend is a huge fan of mud. He went with Steph to the beach to take some photos of her, and this time Steph was dressed in high leather boots, leather jacket, blue jeans and a white turtleneck pullover. Once she got completely muddy, she has tried to clean herself under the shower on the beach.


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