W145 Eileen in a defqon shirt and jeans

Eileen went to a lake she didnt see before. She was wearing her jeans and defqon vest and Adidas sneakers. She saw some puddles and jumped into them getting her feet all dirty. Then she decided to wash off in the water and swim a little.  Then she walked back to the car to go home.

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W144 Eileen in Adidas tracksuit in a lake

Eileen was in the north of the country with a friend. She was wearing her Adidas tracksuit and decided to have a swim in the lake. She walked in slowly and got wet. She got in fully and played around in the water. Then she got out of the water all wet.


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W062 Eileen shopping in a wet black dress

Eileen was walking to the supermarket when she saw this cool castle. When she sat down on the edge at the water she suddenly fell in holding her handbag. She got totally wet. She decided to play around since she was all wet anyway. People that where passing by asked her if everything was going ok and she said yes while laughing. She played around and finally got out of the water. She continued her walk to the supermarket and got into the supermarket totally wet. Everybody was watching. She also bought a few bottles of water to clean herself from the dirty water. She threw them all over herself while standing next to the supermarket.


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W040 No Fishing (incl Video)

Who ever dreamt of catching a goldfish? In this set you will be able to catch a look of the lovely goldfish of Wamderland, as Eileen visited a nearby castle’s garden and as always, she got in fully clothed and swam to the board that said no fishing. After enjoying the sunshine and her clothed swim, she walked home in her fully soaked outfit, passing several passer bys on her way. She wore blue jeans, white sneakers and a white blouse. Enjoy!


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W017 Eileen in red dress in England

Eileen was in England with her photographer friend and they went to this nice lake. After posing a bit they went in to get some good wet picture’s. She got her red dress and black shirt all wet when a men came to them and said: you can’t swim here ! get out. Eileen started to get out of the lake very disappointed. They made a few picture’s when she was out of the water and then they left to find another location !


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Eileen in her white lace dress at the lake in England

Eileen and her friend returned once again after a late lunch to the lake with the wild horses and donkeys, and as usual she posed for some nice portraits at the beginning This time she wore her white lace dress wich she bought one day ago in London and used for the photoshoot this day. She was on bare feet since all her shoes where wet allready.

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Swimming in the new forest lake with wild horses

Eileen and her friend where driving around the countryside in England when they found this beautifull lake with wild horses and donkeys, and as a photographer she always have her camera with her. First she just stepped in the water bare feet but the lake’s cool water was just too inviting. Soon she got completely wet in a her pink lace dress and went for a swim.

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