W426 Eileen in white top and jeans wetlook

Eileen got into the garden after a shoot day. She slowly started getting wet from feet to face. Also threw some big buckets over her white blouse and light jeans.

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W425 Eileen soaking then ripping her outfit in the garden

Eileen was in her garden wearing some old clothes for her renovation. As she really didn’t like them anymore she decided to get it all wet and rip it til there was nothing left of it!

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W419 Eileen goes for a swim in jeans in Kefalonia

Eileen went on a holiday to Kefalonia, when they where touring with the car they found a nice beach kalled Lagkadia. She decided she had to take a swim! ofcourse she did not take her bikini and went in wearing her jeans and white top. She swam around and played in the water while all the tourist where watching.

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W421 Eileen in waders and winter jacket summer 2023

On a warm summer day Eileen arrived at the river wearing a casual outfit with leather jacket. She put on her waders and winterjacket on top of it. Slowly she walked into the water until her waders started got full of water. After all the water got into her boots she let herself fall backwards to get fully wet, but the jacket made her float. After a few tries she got it wet anyways. She took of the heavy jacket and waters to reveal her leather jacket.

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W414 Eileen swim in the pond in jeans and Nickelson jacket

On a warm day Eileen was in the village stil wearing her winterjacket. When she saw the pond she couldnt resist and jumped in all at once getting her outfit fully wet. People where making funny comments on the street seing her in her wet clothes, iguess they are not used to it in this part of the village yet!

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W416 Gray jeans and red shoes in river with ripping

On a cold spring day Eileen got into the river wearing her red hoody, jeans and sneakers. She got in slowly getting used to the cold. After a little swim she decided to walk home. When she was in the bathroom she started ripping of all the clothes.

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W410 Eileen ripping Levis jeans during a shower

Eileen got into a full bath wearing her dark Levis and a collar shirt. She slowly got it wet showing off the shine on it. After some time she started to cut holes in it and slowly ripped all the clothes off.

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W408 Eileen gunge bath in shorts and Adidas top

Eileen gets into the bath wearing her Adidas top, black short and Adidas Stan Smith. She stats to slowly poor the slime over her schoes, up to her legs, into her shirt and over her head. After 2 buckets she is fully covered with gunge and takes of the clothes revealing her bikini. She poors over some more gunge and rols around.

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W407 Eileen gunged in jeans and hoodie

Eileen got into a bath already filled up with gunge. She was wearing a layered outfit with 2 jeans, hood. She sat down in the gunge and started playing with it. After some time she added more colors of thick gunge to get her outfit completely covered.

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W405 Eileen in beige shirt and Levis jeans

Eileen walked into the bathroom wearing a beige top and Levi’s jeans. She put on the hose and slowly started to get wet starting with her shoes, jeans, shirt and then her hair. She sat down to dunk in the bath and slowly started to undress to do a few more dunks in lingerie.

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