W377 Eileen sitting in the sink in boots jeans and shirt

Eileen was in the bathroom wearing her grey jeans, red top and horse riding boots.  She sat down in the sink and put on the water getting her jeans wet. She turned around to wet the other side. Then she got into the tub putting the hose in her pants. After that she got fully wet with the hose.


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W376 Eileen in jeans outfit with a gardenhose


Eileen got into the garden wearing her outfit of the day.  She got the gardenhose outside and started showering in front of her neighbours watching, In the end she got her cardigan off.  When the camera’s turned off Eileen and the neighbour girl had a nice privat wet session.

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W372 Eyla ripping off her clothes under the shower


Eyla came to Eileen for her first wetlook shoot. She slowly got wet in her jeans and shirt. After a while she started ripping it all of her body.

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W367 Eileen introducing Karina to wetlook

Karina was in Eileens studio for a normal photoshoot. Eileen asked her if she would like to get wet with her in the bathroom and Karina said Yes! They slowly got eachother wet using the hose. Eileen asked Karina was quite amazed by the feeling. Karina told Eileen she never weared wet clothes before, not even with swimming lessons!

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W358 Eileen admiring as her purple sweater and jeans change colour when wet

Eileen got into the bathroom wearing her at home outfit, a braless top and ripped jeans. She slowly got it wet starting with the boots, then jeans and at the end the top.


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W357 Eileen cleaning the bathroom and getting wet


Eileen was cleaning her bathroom window after all the messy shoots she had over the years it left a lot of spots everywhere. She got a little wet during the cleaning on her jeans and sandals, so when she was done she decided to wash off with her clothes on.

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W359 Leila getting soaked by surprise


Leila came over to shoot some dry pictures in Eileens studio. After the shoot they had dinner together. Eileen asked Leila if she wanted to have coffee after, but gave her a bucket of water instead! Leila laughed and threw her glass of cold water to Eileen. After their little waterfight they took a shower together.

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W355 Eileen splashed with paint in the garden


Eileen put her photography backdrop in the garden to make some nice photo’s from the balcony. She layed down on the backdrop and a friend suddenly started painting her with a paintbrush full of green paint. Then her friends started pouring neon splash paint all over her.  They also used powder to get her nice and colorfull.  She ripped her clothes and at the end used 2 colors of gunge to get herself completely covered in colors.

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W356 Eileen head dunking in the bath

Eileen was drawing, she was doubting what more it needed and decided to freshen her head a bit in the bath to get a fresh view  on it. She first got herself wet slowly starting with the pants and then the shirt. Leaving the hair dry.  She dunked in the water head forward a bit, then a few with the hair back. She layed down in the bath to relax. Then got back up again using the hose a bit more. Then she sat down, took off her shirt and did even more dunks.


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W352 Eileen in jeans and long boots in the bath


Eileen was wearing her long high heeled boots, Levi’s jeans and black shirt. She slowly got wet starting off with the boots. Slowly going to the jeans, the shirt and the hair.

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