W381 Eileen in summer outfit with jacket

Eileen got into the bathroom on a colder summer night wearing her shorts, shirt and summer jacket. She got it wet slowly with the hose and took of her jacket, in the end she also takes of her Converse schoes

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W343 Eileen checking if her winter coat is waterproof


Eileen was outside wearing her wintercoat when she decided to test if it was waterproof. She got into the bathroom and sprayed it with the hose for a while. When she was fully wet she took of the jacket to see if it leaked through on the hoody. Then she removed another layer and showed her purple shirt.

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W325 Leila and Eileen in leather biker outfits

Eileen and Leila where in the livingroom in their leather outfits. They tried out a few options to get wet in and finaly decided what jackets to wear. They got wet slowly in the bath spraying eachother with the hose. When they where fully wet they decided to swap jackets and get even more wet. Then they did another jacket swap. They ended up with a long hug.


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W315 Eileen in jeans skirt and jacket taking a bath

Eileen got into the bath in her jeans skirt,  blue jacket,  pantyhose and shiny boots. She slowly got wet pooring buckets of water over her. She also used the hose to get even more wet. In the end when she was fully soaked she took off the jacket and schoes.


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W305 Eileen soaking her last dry outfit at the pool party


Eileen changed her outfit at the poolparty to her discopants, printed shirt and leather jacket. She got all wet swimming around, playing in the pool and using the slide. When she was all soaked she noticed that she forgot to bring a dry outfit. So she got back home in the car wearing only this and her jacket.

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W290 Eileen in black jeans high boots and shiny jacket

Eileen was alone in her bathroom wearing her black jeans, tanktop, jacket and shiny high boots when she decided to take a bath. She got herself dripping wet using the shower nozzle.


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W285 Eileen and Leila enjoying their wet leather jackets

Eileen and Leila where outside wearing their full leather outfit.  They went inside to take a bath together. Getting eachother wet with the hose and playing around in the tub. They ended giving eachother a big hug.


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W273 Eileen and Leila coming home from the carnival

Eileen and Leila went to the carnival together wearing some colorfull clothes. It was a cold day and when they got home they really felt like taking a bath. So they took  bath together and talked about the carnival when getting wet.


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W266 Eileen at the waterfalls in pink leggings

Eileen was in Sonsbeek park, she was posing on the rocks on top of the waterfall. Then suddenly she dropped her jacket. It got stuck on one of the stones in the waterfall so she walked up to the waterfall top get it. When she finally got her jacket she was already so wet it did not matter anymore, so she went in fully enjoying the waterfall.


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W262 Eileen and Leila in full leather outfits

Eileen and Leila were outside in the warden wearing their full leather outfits. They Slowly got into the pool and gave eachother a sponge bath until they were  completely wet. They changed jackets a few times trying out eachothers jackets in the water. When they got out they gave eachother  a hug.


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