V130 Ashley at the lake on a hot summer day

If you have seen the set “NEKO at the lake on a hot summer day”, you will definitely want to buy this set. Our photographer was accompanied by Ashley to help him with the second camera while taking photos of Neko. Ashley was dressed in the outfit she traveled to the shooting location, in blue jeans, black t-shirt, a thin jacket and sneakers. Under the intense summer sun, Ashley started to boil in her clothes and once the set of Neko was done, she just announced that she is going for a swim. Our photographer had just enough time to grab the camera as Ashley went for a dip in her clothes.


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W170 Ashley all black in the bath

Ashley visited us again and as always, she could not stay dry. This time she wore black jeans-leggings, a thin jacket and a black t-shirt and socks in the bath.

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W150 Eileen and Leila swimming in Nickelson and Moncler jackets


Eileen and Leila went to the river in their Moncler and Nickelson jackets. They got into the water playing and laughing. They tried to dive in but the jackets where like a life jacket wich keeped them floating. After some time they did get the jackets soaking. They walked back home passing by the restaurants on the way home having people watching.

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W140 3 girls in leatherlook outfit

Eileen Leila and Anne went to the river in their leather look outfits. They found a cute dog on the beach and played around with him.  Then they decided to go for a swim. They went into the water splashing each other. They got fully wet and lay around in the water talking and laughing.

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W119 Eileen in red dress covered in oil

Eileen’s friend had lots of oil and didn’t know what to do with it. She got into the shower in a big bucket and threw the oil all over her using 20 liters. She got totally oily until her dress started to loose color because of the oil, She decided to tear and cut the dress  pantyhose and the jacket apart in the end.

  • Note: the light isn’t very good at this set sadly, but since lots of people asked about this set I will publish it anyways.
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W057 Eileen relaxing by the lake

Eileen was at a lake wearing blue heels, leather pants and a fluffy jacket. She went into the water with her handbag full of stuff having people watching. She got all wet and her fluffy jacket got very heavy. She got on the shore and showed off all her wet stuff. She walked around on the street being dripping wet and finally went to the car to go home.


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V004 Anouk returns to the river VIDEO

Eileen and Anouk returned to the river and this time Eileen was behind the camera taking photos of Anouk .. nonetheless Eileen got as soaked as Anouk .. when Eileen is concentrating on her work, not even a river can stop her 🙂

This is another behind the scenes video of how the photoset was made, filmed by Eileen’s boyfriend.
Eileen was behind the camera in her blue jeans, black t-shirt with a black fury jacket and her ankle-boots.

We hope you will enjoy this special video and we plan to make more similar videos, so stay tuned!

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Note: the cameraman had sometimes a difficult time to focus on Anouk and Eileen, so please forget if his hands were at times a little shaky 🙂

Low resolution screenshots from the video:

Eileen posing in the cold rough sea

Eileen was on a trip in England with a photographer friend. They were non stop taking photos during their trip and when they reached this small town at the sea. It was a very cold and windy day. Eileen posed for a couple of portrait photos at the pier, until a bigger wave washed her almost away. She went in fully with people looking at how crazy she was.

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