W409 Eileen warming up in the bath after a walk

Eileen got home after a walk in the cold. She put her chill pants and hoody over her clothes and got into the warm bath to warm up. When she got a little warmer she slowly started to take off some layers revealing her leggings and sport top.

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W407 Eileen gunged in jeans and hoodie

Eileen got into a bath already filled up with gunge. She was wearing a layered outfit with 2 jeans, hood. She sat down in the gunge and started playing with it. After some time she added more colors of thick gunge to get her outfit completely covered.

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W403 Eileen wetlook in ripped jeans and sportsbra

Eileen got into the bathroom wearing her cropped hoody and ripped jeans, she slowly got herself wet with the hose and started taking off some layers showing her white top and sportsbra.

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W398 Eileen the human paint canvas


Eileen wanted to update her art wall. She started painting and decided to paint some on herself and stamp it on the wall. She started covering herself in paint and as the clothes where ruined anyways she ripped them all off.

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W378 Eileen falling in the river while rolleblading


Eileen was rollarskating on a little road next to the lake. She didn’t do this in a very long time.  She didn’t know how to stop and accidentally skated the trailerhelling into the water.  She laughed and got out all wet and just skated on as ofcourse Eileen is used to some wet clothes. After a while she took of the skates and hoody and got into the water again for a quick dive as a thunderstorm was starting.

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W359 Leila getting soaked by surprise


Leila came over to shoot some dry pictures in Eileens studio. After the shoot they had dinner together. Eileen asked Leila if she wanted to have coffee after, but gave her a bucket of water instead! Leila laughed and threw her glass of cold water to Eileen. After their little waterfight they took a shower together.

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W349 Eileen’s beer bath


Eileen got into the bathroom with a few beers to drink. Instead of drinking she started pouring the beer over her clothes and head. When she was covered in beer she decided to wash off, using the hose first and then some soap. In the end she took of her pants and hoody showing her bathingsuit.  She filmed it all with a pov phone camera.

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W343 Eileen checking if her winter coat is waterproof


Eileen was outside wearing her wintercoat when she decided to test if it was waterproof. She got into the bathroom and sprayed it with the hose for a while. When she was fully wet she took of the jacket to see if it leaked through on the hoody. Then she removed another layer and showed her purple shirt.

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W323 Eileen ripping her clothes during a shower


Eileen was in her bathroom wearing some old clothes. She got herself  wet slowly. When she was fully wet she decided she didn’t  like the clothes anymore and started ripping them. Time for some new clothes!

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W322 Eileen and Leila ripping their jeans during a bath

Eileen and Leila got into the bath wearing their jeans, hoodys and sneakers. They slowly got eachother wet with the hose until they where fully wet. Then they started ripping eachothers clothes.


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