W290 Eileen in black jeans high boots and shiny jacket

Eileen was alone in her bathroom wearing her black jeans, tanktop, jacket and shiny high boots when she decided to take a bath. She got herself dripping wet using the shower nozzle.


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ST006 Eileen ripping a dress in the bath

Eileen was outside on the street in the evening sun. She walked around and saw her Kitty. She hugged her and they enjoyed the sun. She got inside the bath in her summerdress, pantyhose and heels. She got her pantyhose wet first with the hose, then her dress and all over her hair and face. When she was all wet she lay down in the bath. After some time she ripped her panty and finally she also ruined her dress.


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W210 Eileen swimming in a business suit at sunset

Eileen was ready for the day and went to the river in her business outfit. She walked into the water slowly getting all her clothes wet. She played around in the water, some people passed by and asked what she was doing! She took of  some off the clothes til she was in lingerie and stockings. It was getting darker so she walked back home.


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W200 Eileen in leather leggings and heels in friesland


Eileen was in the north or the country with a new friend. They drove a long way through the countryside for a good private spot at the lake. Eileen went in with her leatherlook leggings shirt and heels. she swam around and had some fun. After that she walked around a bit on the countryroad. All farmers and passerbyes where looking at her strangely,



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W177 Leila coming home from a party

Leila arrived to Eileen’s studio after a party. She was dressed in a black sleeveless catsuit, leather skirt and jacket and high heels. Eileen liked her outfit and decided to take some photos of Leila. After a while Leila asked her if she can take a bath and naturally Eileen agreed, at the condition, that she can film it.

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W154 Eileen getting a bath after a business meeting

Eileen went home after a business meeting. She got into the bathroom and got into the bath. She got the showerhead and got her pantyhose wet first. Then slowly her entire outfit. She relaxed in the bath after her busy day. After a nice bath she took of her gilet and her shirt.

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W074 Eileen in black dress and high heels in the river

Eileen decided to wear her fancy dress and high heels. She went into the water tripping all over her heels, she decided to take them off but first used them to throw some water over her head. She got fully wet playing with her hair and heels.


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W045 Eileen looking for mud (part2)

In the first part you could see how Eileen got messy with ice-cream and mud, She walked to the river and strike some poses. She got in the water and washed off her red dress and hair. She slowly got her dress of and after that she and her boyfriend took some private pictures! after that they walked home in the evening sun.

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W044 Eileen looking for mud (part1)

Eileen got asked to get this red dress muddy, so she did ! She first got an icecream and spoiled some over her dress. Then she got cheeky and painted a heart on the fence with the ice. She walked to the mudpool but it was hard to find some food mud. Finally she got some and sat down in it. She covered herself in mud while posing. After that she walked over the streets to the river for a wash off, what would be possible to see in the next photoset!


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W041 Eileen in red dress at the harbour (incl. Video)

Eileen went down to the harbour on a nice sunny spring day to model for some portrait photos, dressed in a red dress, black stockings and black shiny high heels. After strugling wich the high heels she took them off and used them to throw water over herself. She lay down to relax and after that walked away all wet.


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