W325 Leila and Eileen in leather biker outfits

Eileen and Leila where in the livingroom in their leather outfits. They tried out a few options to get wet in and finaly decided what jackets to wear. They got wet slowly in the bath spraying eachother with the hose. When they where fully wet they decided to swap jackets and get even more wet. Then they did another jacket swap. They ended up with a long hug.


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W318 Eileen and LeaGabrielle dressed for a party taking a bath

Eileen and Lea Gabrielle where planning on going for a party. As corona arrived it was canceled so they decided to have a bathroom party instead. They got eachother wet with the hose and cleaned eachother with some soap. Then they sat down in the bath to relax. In the end they took of their heels.

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W319 Eileen and Leila warming up after a walk in the cold

On a winterday Eileen and Leila came back after a walk in the cold. They took a cup of tea but decided that wouldnt be enough warm water. They decided to take a bath. They got eachother fully wet with the hose until the jackets got heavy. Then they started stripping off all the layers of clothes.


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W314 Eileen blue leggings tank top and hoodie in bath

Eileen was wearing her favorite blue spandex leggings when she decided to take a bath. Slowly she got herself wet with the hose until she was fully soaked.


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W309 Wine in the afternoon Eileen in white jeans in the kiddy pool

Eileen was in her garden drinking a glass of wine when she decided to get into the pool. She slowly got in while drinking her wine. Then she got a bucket and threw it over het head several times. She sat down and ducked her head under the water several times and threw even more buckets over her head. In the end she takes of the schoes, socks, pants and shirt.

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W302 Eileen in printed skirt and tank top taking a bath

Eileen was outside on a windy day wearing her printed skirt and bra-less tank top. She walked around on the streets but she got a little cold. So she got into her bathroom and took a bucket with her. She filled it with warm water and threw a few over herself. Then she got more wet with the hose and ended with some more buckets while sitting down.


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W299 Eileen in tight jeans and yellow shirt

Eileen walked to the river in her Levi’s jeans and yellow shirt. When she got there she walked in and started to get her jeans wet all splashing. She was swimming around and walked up to the rocks where she found some sunflowers. When she was done she walked home. when she got there suddenly she got sprayed by a hose on the street to her suprise.


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W298 Breakfast in legging and shirt

After a morning run Eileen was having breakfast in her garden. She was eating her sandwich when suddenly she got hosed all over with the garden hose. As her sandwich was all wet she threw it away and played around in the water.


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W297 Eileen in purple sweater and jeans in the river

Eileen was at the river wearing her jeans and sweater. She Got into the water slowly, splashing on her jeans.  Then she dived in face forward and got all her clothes wet. She played around in the water and took of her shirt at the end.


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W290 Eileen and Leila Jeans swim in the river

On a warm summer day Eileen and Leila where out to the river to take a clothed bath. They slowly went into the water, they layed down relaxing and talking together til they where fully drenched and cooled town.  After their nice bath they walked home.


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