W415 Eileen dress and leather jacket river

On a cold spring day Eileen walked to the river in her summer dress, leather jacket and purple boots. She slowly walked into the water getting pantyhose wet and sat down. She crawled further into the water getting fully wet. She played around in the water a bit more and then walked home all freezing.

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W406 Eileen shower with champagne

After new year Eileen had some bottles of champagne left. Instead of drinkking them she decided to throw them all over her head. She popped the bottles and threw them over herself having lots of fun. In the end she washed off.

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W404 Eileen and Leila _ oil massage in leggings

Eileen gets into the massage room wearing some casual clothes. Leila is there to give her a massage. She asks Eileen to take of her clothes. Eileen takes of only 1 layer showing her leggings and surftop. Leila is suprised but goes on massaging her with lots of oil. After that Eileen asks Leila if she wants a massage too. Eileen uses even more oil. Part 2 coming later


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W401 Eileen and Leila in see through white tops

Eileen and Leila get into the bathroom wearing their white tops. As a suprise Leila gets a bucket over her head showing she is braless. Then they get wet together using the hose. At the end they soap up and wash off.

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W394 Eileen dunking in the bath in dress

Eileen got into the bath wearing her pink dress, pantyhose and high heeled boots. She slowly submerged in the water until her clothes where wet. Then she dunked in to get her hair wet too. She dunked into the water multiple times while playing in the bath. Then she slowly took of her boots, pantyhose and dress showing her red bikini to do some more dunks.


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W389 Eileen the catwoman


Eileen was in the garden wearing her catsuit with body harness. She posed for some cat like pictures under the tree and in the tree. She took the gardenhose and attached it on her bodyharness. It got her all wet. She showered off with the gardenhose attached to the tree like an outside shower. In the end she took off the mask and boots.

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W385 Eileen in the mud in jeans and white shirt


Eileen was walking in nature when she saw the mud pool finally looked good again. She started walking in to try it out. Then sat down to get all muddy. She rolled around and played in the mud. After she took a little walk and layed down in the flowerfeeld.

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W381 Eileen in summer outfit with jacket

Eileen got into the bathroom on a colder summer night wearing her shorts, shirt and summer jacket. She got it wet slowly with the hose and took of her jacket, in the end she also takes of her Converse schoes

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W377 Eileen sitting in the sink in boots jeans and shirt

Eileen was in the bathroom wearing her grey jeans, red top and horse riding boots.  She sat down in the sink and put on the water getting her jeans wet. She turned around to wet the other side. Then she got into the tub putting the hose in her pants. After that she got fully wet with the hose.


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W376 Eileen in jeans outfit with a gardenhose


Eileen got into the garden wearing her outfit of the day.  She got the gardenhose outside and started showering in front of her neighbours watching, In the end she got her cardigan off.  When the camera’s turned off Eileen and the neighbour girl had a nice privat wet session.

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