W172 Eileen playing with custard.

Eileen had a new request from a messy fan so she went to the supermarket to buy lots of custard. She got into the bath and got the custard all over her and in her bathing-suit and leggings. She smudged it all over her. When she was all messy she decided to wash off and take of her shoes, leggings and bathing-suit.


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W171 Anne Leila and Eileen having a waterfight on the street

On a summer day Anne and Leila went to Eileen to have some water fun. They had a lot of water-balloons, buckets and water-guns. They where patiently waiting for the fight to start. They started the fight all enthusiastic and laughing splashing each  other all wet. When they thought they where ready they all posed a bit at the garden door when suddenly a big bucket of water was thrown all over them from the balcony!


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Eileen ruining her dress with red wine.

Eileen was drinking some wine when she accidentally threw some over her dress.  She decided it was too late to save it so she went to the bathroom and got 2 bottles of wine. She threw it all over her dress and white pantyhose making it all messy.  She tried washing it out but since that wasnt really possible  she forgot about washing and ripped all of her clothes apart!


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W165 Eileen and Jolynda having fun in the pool

Eileen and Jolynda arrived at the pool in their casual outfits. They posed a bit and after some time Eileen decided to jump in dragging Jolynda with her. This was Jolynda’s first wetlook experience, they talked about it, made underwater video’s, splashed each other and had a lot of fun.

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W161 – 3 girls going for an unplanned swim

After making wetlook videos together, Eileen, Anne and Leila changed into some dry clothes and planned to have some drinks at the beach to relax. They walked to the river and Anne could not stay away from the water, she walked in the water, soaking only her shoes. Eileen and Leila followed her example but they did not intend to get any wetter. Well it did not work this way as Anne started to splash them and jumped around in the water getting each other more and more wet. After some swimming and playing they went home passing by the restaurants full of people.


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W088 Santa Eileen – Christmas Special

Eileen wanted to make a Christmas special for in her new Christmas dress. She got in the bath with all the Christmas baubles and angel ducks. The dress got really heavy when wet. She played a bit in the bath and relaxed.



Merry Christmas everybody !

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W159 Eileen in leather pants in a muddy swamp

Eileen was on the countryside for a photoshoot. She posed around and decided she wanted to walk a little further into the meadow. She walked over a small plank when it suddenly shifted and she fell off!  She was shocked at first  and tried to get out.  She had a hard time getting out and fell into it again. She decided her outfit was ruined anyways and she went in fully. Played cheerleader with the waterplants and used them as a wig.  A farmer  passed  by and she waved at him, he laughed and thought she was crazy. When she got out she went for a washoff still leaving her hair and clothes with grey stains.

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W115 Eileen s wet day in jellyfish leggings

Eileen bought a new pair of jellyfish leggings and she immediately fell in love with the funky look. In this video you can follow a day of Eileen in her new leggings, as she wakes up, fixes her make up, dress up … but hey, she forgot to take a bath ..
She fixes this by taking a bath in her outfit with black sweater, blue jeans and short black boots. Halfway during the bath she decides to take her jeans off, then dries off as much as possible with a towel. Since she loves so much her new leggings, she decides to keep them on and you can follow Eileen as she makes breakfast in her wet outfit. After she filled her belly, she puts on some shoes and a dry coat and leaves her home in her wet outfit.


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W157 Eileen enjoying the sunny riverside

On a sunny way Eileen went to the river in her Adidas pants and knitted top. She danced around on the beach and then slowly went into the water. She swam around and had some fun. Then she walked home.

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W154 Eileen getting a bath after a business meeting

Eileen went home after a business meeting. She got into the bathroom and got into the bath. She got the showerhead and got her pantyhose wet first. Then slowly her entire outfit. She relaxed in the bath after her busy day. After a nice bath she took of her gilet and her shirt.

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