W371 Eileen and Eyla in multiple layers of jackets

After a nice shooting day Eileen and Eyla where outside smoking. Eyla got a little cold so Eileen offered a jacket. As it wasn’t warm enough she got another. They started showering wearing both 2 jackets. They switched up and soaped the jackets. Then they took them off and put on only the leather jackets.


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W364 Eileen and Leila in white dresses

Eileen and Leila get into the bath in their white summer dresses. Slowly they start to get eachother wet with the hose revealing what is ( or isn’t) underneath the dresses.


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W359 Leila getting soaked by surprise


Leila came over to shoot some dry pictures in Eileens studio. After the shoot they had dinner together. Eileen asked Leila if she wanted to have coffee after, but gave her a bucket of water instead! Leila laughed and threw her glass of cold water to Eileen. After their little waterfight they took a shower together.

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W217 Eileen and Leila Christmas colors


Eileen and Leila decided to wear some Christmas colored outfits this time! They played outside with the dog for a while before they started the bath.  Eileen got Leila wet first and her white blouse got all see through! Then Leila got the hose and got Eileen all wet. The water revealed the catsuit Eileen was wearing under her white  shirt. They relaxed in the bath and had some fun playing in the water. At the end Eileen took of her top and they take off their schoes.

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W324 Eileen and Leila relaxing in the bath in cardigans

Eileen and Leila filled up the bath fully with some nice warm water. They slowly went in together. They sat down and relaxed until their jeans, shirts and cardigans where fully wet. In the end they take off the cardigans.


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W285 Eileen and Leila enjoying their wet leather jackets

Eileen and Leila where outside wearing their full leather outfit.  They went inside to take a bath together. Getting eachother wet with the hose and playing around in the tub. They ended giving eachother a big hug.


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W264 Eileen and Lea Gabrielle warming up after jogging

Eileen and Lea Gabrielle had a little run outside to stay fit! It was a cold day and they felt like taking a bath. So they went in together with their sporty outfit on. They got eachother wet using the hose and relaxing in the bath.


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W262 Eileen and Leila in full leather outfits

Eileen and Leila were outside in the warden wearing their full leather outfits. They Slowly got into the pool and gave eachother a sponge bath until they were  completely wet. They changed jackets a few times trying out eachothers jackets in the water. When they got out they gave eachother  a hug.


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W253 Eileen and Leila trespassing

Eileen and Leila where walking around when they saw this place. They looked around and decided to climb over the fence to see the boats. Ofcourse they fell in trying to do that.. Since they where wet anyways they splashed around and played in the water. It was quite cold and they left the water walking back home.


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W241 Eileen and Queenofhell braless in the bath

Eileen got into the bath, she got wet starting with her jeans, going all the way up. When all her clothes got wet she dunked her head right into the water a few times. She showed off her outfit and then asked Queenofhell to come in. She got wet slowly and dunked into the water just like Eileen did. They got all wet and played around in the water a little. When Eileen left Queenofhell stayed for a bit to secretly dunk a little more and take off her shirt.


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