W374 Eileens goes for a swim in a black dress


Eileen wanted to take a swim in the river for the first time this year. She put on her black dress stockings and boots and slowly got into the river. Playing with the cold water and laying down on the sand.

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W367 Eileen introducing Karina to wetlook

Karina was in Eileens studio for a normal photoshoot. Eileen asked her if she would like to get wet with her in the bathroom and Karina said Yes! They slowly got eachother wet using the hose. Eileen asked Karina was quite amazed by the feeling. Karina told Eileen she never weared wet clothes before, not even with swimming lessons!

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W363 Eileen in floral dress cardigan and boots in the bath


Eileen got into the bath wearing her floral dress, cardigan and boots. She slowly got the outfit wet starting with the boots slowly going up. At the end she takes of the cardigan

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W364 Eileen and Leila in white dresses

Eileen and Leila get into the bath in their white summer dresses. Slowly they start to get eachother wet with the hose revealing what is ( or isn’t) underneath the dresses.


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W361 Foam party with santa Leila


Eileen and Leila where getting ready for a party when Eileen got a suprise for Leila. She took her to the bath to get wet and had a machine that made lots of foam to play with. They played around in the foam putting it on eachother and washing it off. Eileen noticed Leila looking like santa with her red dress and white foam and gave her a santa hat. At the end they washed off til they where all clean to get to the real party.

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W360 Eileen taking a bath in butterfly dress and heels

Eileen was taking a warm bath in her butterfly dress, pantyhose and heels.  She got herself fully wet with the warm hose and decided to take a little walk outside in the snow. All freezing she got back into the warm bath.


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W321 Eileens new years eve dress and hair washing


Eileen was getting ready for the new years party. She put on her heels, brushed her hair and got into the bathroom. She poored a glass of water over her head.  Then got herself fully wet with the hose. When she was fully wet she washed her hair with shampoo. She was fully ready for the party now so she lit up some sparklers and wished everybody a happy new year!

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W345 Eileen tied by Leila in a BM octopus dress

Leila wanted to do some payback on Eileen on all the buckets of water she got over her head in all these years, so she tied Eileen up in the garden chair and threw lots of buckets of water on her. When she got Eileen loose Eileen ran up to her and hugged her. To make peace they had a nice bath together after.


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W329 Eileen in red satin dress bathing with champagne

Eileen was in the bathroom wearing her red satin dress after a party. Nobody really wanted to drink the champagne so she decided to shower in it.  She slowly poored it over her face and her shoulders, dripping over her dress. It was very prickly and fun. After the champagne shower the used the water hose to get clean.


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W330 Eileen in black minidress all wet

Eileen was in her garden wearing her new black minidress. When the cat gave her a big hug she was full of cat hairs, so she decided to give her dress a good shower. She slowly got herself wet with the hose starting with her high heeled boots, then up to her pantyhose, her dress and finally her hair.  When the bath was full she layed down and relaxed.

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