W330 Eileen in black minidress all wet

Eileen was in her garden wearing her new black minidress. When the cat gave her a big hug she was full of cat hairs, so she decided to give her dress a good shower. She slowly got herself wet with the hose starting with her high heeled boots, then up to her pantyhose, her dress and finally her hair.  When the bath was full she layed down and relaxed.

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W318 Eileen and LeaGabrielle dressed for a party taking a bath

Eileen and Lea Gabrielle where planning on going for a party. As corona arrived it was canceled so they decided to have a bathroom party instead. They got eachother wet with the hose and cleaned eachother with some soap. Then they sat down in the bath to relax. In the end they took of their heels.

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W307 Eileen in a green satin dress in the river

After a fotoshoot nearby the lake Eileen decided to have a quick dive into the water before getting dark. In her green satin dress and high heels she walked into the lake. She played around with the water and went under several times until she was completely soaked. She got out of the water and let herself dry off while watching the sun go down.


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W304 Eileen in white dress and lingerie soaking wet


Eileen left her home for a party when suddenly a bucket of water fell over her head from the balcony. She was shocked but also laughing very much. She had some fun with getting even more buckets over her and being hosed with the gardenhose.

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W300 Eileen and Maya in wet white clothes


Eileen and Maya started a waterfight in the garden.First they used the water pistol and then lots of buckets to get eachother fully wet. At the end Maya pushed Eileen in the pool and got her wet with even more buckets.

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W293 Eileen in bright pink pantyhose and blue dress


Eileen was in her garden at a winterday, she was wearing a colorfull dress and pantyhose. She was a little cold so decided to take a bath in her new outfit.

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W287 Eileen showering in pink pantyhose and white dress


Eileen was wearing her bright colored pantyhose and white dress for a party, as it was canceled and she already fully dressed up she decided to take a bath.

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W284 Eileen in lace dress cardigan and pantyhose in the pool


Eileen came home at the end of the day and really felt like taking a bath. She still had the pool in her garden so she took a nice bath in the pool wearing her lace dress, cardigan and pantyhose.

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W280 Eileen Holiday in the jungle


Eileen was on a holiday at centerparks. It got way more sunny then expected and she was on the beach wearing her dress leggings and cardigan. She decided to go into the water just like that. Then she walked around the park, watching the minigolf and she walked around in the tropical garden.


Note: because this is an unexpected holiday video its not high quality.

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W249 Eileen enjoying a summer day at the river in a yellow dress

Eileen was outside enjoying the summer day with her friends. They decided to go to the river for some paddling. Ofcourse Eileen went a little further and got her clothes fully wet. She played around in the river wearing her yellow summer dress. She got out and crawled to the cow that was watching her with curiocity. She rolled around in the sand and then washed off again to go home.


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