Eileen ruining her dress with red wine.

Eileen was drinking some wine when she accidentally threw some over her dress.  She decided it was too late to save it so she went to the bathroom and got 2 bottles of wine. She threw it all over her dress and white pantyhose making it all messy.  She tried washing it out but since that wasnt really possible  she forgot about washing and ripped all of her clothes apart!


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W163 Eileen getting wet with bottles of water in the rain

Eileen was in the north of the country to do some photoshooting. Since it was raining so badly they decided to do shooting from their bus and have Eileen on the street. When they arrived at the location it almost stopped raining so Eileen decided to get many  bottles of mineral water that where stored in the bus and throw them all over her. It was freezing experience but full of fun.


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W161 – 3 girls going for an unplanned swim

After making wetlook videos together, Eileen, Anne and Leila changed into some dry clothes and planned to have some drinks at the beach to relax. They walked to the river and Anne could not stay away from the water, she walked in the water, soaking only her shoes. Eileen and Leila followed her example but they did not intend to get any wetter. Well it did not work this way as Anne started to splash them and jumped around in the water getting each other more and more wet. After some swimming and playing they went home passing by the restaurants full of people.


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Low resolution samples:

W153 – Eileen in a white dress and heels in the mud

On a sunny day Eileen went for a walk in her nice white dress and heels,  She passed the mud pool and decided to take a look. When she got there she fell. She thought her clothes would be ruined anyways and went in fully.   She crawled around and laughed. When she was fully covered with mud she walked away to wash off. When she was half cleaned she walked back on the streets to her home.


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W119 Eileen in red dress covered in oil

Eileen’s friend had lots of oil and didn’t know what to do with it. She got into the shower in a big bucket and threw the oil all over her using 20 liters. She got totally oily until her dress started to loose color because of the oil, She decided to tear and cut the dress  pantyhose and the jacket apart in the end.

  • Note: the light isn’t very good at this set sadly, but since lots of people asked about this set I will publish it anyways.
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Low resolution samples:

W108 Jolijn’s rainy photoshoot

Jolijn had a photoshoot with her photographer friend in the rain studio. Eileen was also there to assist and film them. Jolijn started the shoot using an umbrella to protect her and her fancy shirt and skirt. When she threw the umbrella away she got fully wet through the rain and did some cool poses.



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Low resolution samples:

W074 Eileen in black dress and high heels in the river

Eileen decided to wear her fancy dress and high heels. She went into the water tripping all over her heels, she decided to take them off but first used them to throw some water over her head. She got fully wet playing with her hair and heels.


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Low resolution samples:


W062 Eileen shopping in a wet black dress

Eileen was walking to the supermarket when she saw this cool castle. When she sat down on the edge at the water she suddenly fell in holding her handbag. She got totally wet. She decided to play around since she was all wet anyway. People that where passing by asked her if everything was going ok and she said yes while laughing. She played around and finally got out of the water. She continued her walk to the supermarket and got into the supermarket totally wet. Everybody was watching. She also bought a few bottles of water to clean herself from the dirty water. She threw them all over herself while standing next to the supermarket.


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Low resolution samples:

W073 Eileen over the rainbow

Eileen went to the park on a very Sunny day. When she saw this Rainbow she couldn’t resist to take pics of it. She went into the water, posing in the fountain with the beautifull Rainbow behind her getting her blue dress very wet. The people in the park where looking at her. She laughed about it and got out of the water to strike some poses on the bridge. Then she left the scene to get some ice-cream.


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Low resolution samples:



W055 Elena in pink polkadot dress

Elena arrived to the photoshoot in her pink polka-dot dress and platform shoes. When she saw the crystal clear water of the pool, she did not wait a moment and jumped in the pool in the clothes she arrived.


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