W324 Eileen and Leila relaxing in the bath in cardigans

Eileen and Leila filled up the bath fully with some nice warm water. They slowly went in together. They sat down and relaxed until their jeans, shirts and cardigans where fully wet. In the end they take off the cardigans.


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W275 Eileen and Leila in the river in gray and black leggings

At a warm summer day Eileen and Leila went to the river and took some buckets to play with. They started throwing water at eachother getting eachother completely wet. They played around the river and relaxed a bit. It was a perfect summer day.

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W245 Eileen in a dress covered by neon paint

Eileen went into the bath wearing her dotted dress, cardigan, pantyhose and high heels. She started to put yellow neon paint into her heel, and then put it back on. She dripped the yellow neon paint all over her black pantyhose. up to her dress, her arms and her hair. She also painted her lips with the neon paint. Then threw a bucket all over her face. She took of her cardigan and dress and ripped the pantyhose. Then she threw over more paint and finally some whipped cream.  At the end she filled the bath with water and relaxed into the yellow bath. 

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W230 Eileen in the river in red top white cardigan and jeans

Eileen went to the river in her red top, white cardigan jeans and converse schoes. She saw this little island that appeared because the water level was so low. She walked to it trying to keep herself dry but when the water level rised she got wet anyways. She ran around in the water getting herself completely wet and played around painting herself with mud.


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W212 Eileen taking a foam bath

Eileen had a day of nothing to do, she remembered she had a bubble math that would make lots of bath foam.  She searched for it and finally found it! She went into the bath with her black jeans, shirt and cardigan. She first washed her hair and then played around with all the foam.  When she got out she remembered that she had to wear this outfit to dinner so she used the hairdryer on her clothes and tried to get it all dry!


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Eileen ruining her dress with red wine.

Eileen was drinking some wine when she accidentally threw some over her dress.  She decided it was too late to save it so she went to the bathroom and got 2 bottles of wine. She threw it all over her dress and white pantyhose making it all messy.  She tried washing it out but since that wasnt really possible  she forgot about washing and ripped all of her clothes apart!


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W153 – Eileen in a white dress and heels in the mud

On a sunny day Eileen went for a walk in her nice white dress and heels,  She passed the mud pool and decided to take a look. When she got there she fell. She thought her clothes would be ruined anyways and went in fully.   She crawled around and laughed. When she was fully covered with mud she walked away to wash off. When she was half cleaned she walked back on the streets to her home.


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W139 Eileens wet day at the waterpark

Once Eileen was young she went to a waterpark with her family. She was totally dreaming when she walked over a bridge and fell into the water with all her clothes on. She was shocked for a moment but after that decided just to go on playing all day like that.

Some weeks ago Eileen went back to the waterpark and repeated all of this. She fell of the brigde and then swam around a bit. She played in the park and took a shower in the outside shower. After that she had lunch while drying up.


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V077 Eileen – Just an ordinary day (video diary)

It’s a special video presenting you an average day of Eileen. The video starts as she wakes up in her bed, dressed in leggings and tank top (her usual pyjamas). After rubbing off the sleep of her eyes, she gets out of bed and put on a cardigan before going to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. The camera follows her everywhere and you can see as she brushes her hair, eats her breakfast, and

get dressed …  for her bath 🙂

well yes, she is not an ordinary girl. While most people undress for a bath, Eileen prefers to take it fully clothed, including shoes. Watch as she washes her leggings and her hair, taking a lengthy bath before she heads out to the garden to towel off under the sunshine.


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W089 Eileen in jeans and gray cardigan in the bath

Eileen got into the bath with her jeans shirt and gray cardigan. She first got all her clothes and all stars wet and then dunked under with her hair several times showing her wet hair over her face.

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