W075 Eileen in a jeans outfit


Eileen went into a nature area with a new photographer.  She went into the water with her jeans and  jeans jacket posing for the pictures. She rolled in the sand and then washed off again.

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W102 Eileen relaxing in the hottub at the hotel


Eileen went to a hotel with a nice privat sauna room, She first went into the sauna clothed in jeans and tanktop. Then she went into the jacuzzi getting her jeans wet and finally her shirt and hair. She relaxed in the jacuzzi and took her shoes and shirt off in the end.

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W043 Eileen and Lauren having a waterfight

Eileen invited Lauren over on a warm spring day for her second wetlook shoot. They filled up bottles and buckets and threw water over eachother with a lot of laughing. Both wearing long boots wich they filled up with water and threw to eachother.

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W042 Lauren’s first clothed bath

Eileen invited her new friend Lauren over for a shoot. They filled up the bath tub and Lauren pushed Eileen in! They did some water fights and pushed eachother under. After relaxing a bit they took their shoes off. Lauren washed off Eileens black leggings and butterfly shirt and Eileen washed off Laurens dark blue skirt and white blouse.


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