W324 Eileen and Leila relaxing in the bath in cardigans

Eileen and Leila filled up the bath fully with some nice warm water. They slowly went in together. They sat down and relaxed until their jeans, shirts and cardigans where fully wet. In the end they take off the cardigans.


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W320 Eileen in jeans and yellow top taking a bath

Eileen was in her home just sitting in the chair, checking her agenda when she found out there was more then enough time today to do some wetlook! So she got into the bath. Slowly got herself wet with the hose wearing her yellow shirt, jeans and converse schoes. When she got herself fully wet she took off her clothes.


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W317 Eileen renovating the house in a jeans dungaree


Eileen was busy renovating the house for a day. She got herself quite dirty so she decided to wash off the stains in the bath. She started with the sponge on her pants, then her boots. Lots of dirt came off. After that she had a relaxing shower in her clothes and got herself fully wet.

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W283 Eileen in red top and PVC leggings swimming in the river

Eileen went to the river wearing her pvc pants, red shirt and high heels. She went into the water and played around. She took of her shirt and played around in the mud.


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W268 Eileen in a skirt outfit playing waterballoons and soaking in the pool

Eileen was in the garden on a beautiful summer day when suddenly the got pelted with waterballoons. As she was already kind of wet after she took a bath in her garden pool wearing her white shirt, black skirt, pantyhose and white heels.


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W269 Eileen taking a bath in a jeans dungaree

Eileen had a long day shooting with Lea Gabrielle.  She decided she wasnt done yet and putted on her jeans dungarees and a white shirt.  She went into the bath slowly getting wet for the last time while outside it was slowly getting dark.


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W260 Eileen getting muddy in white shirt and jeans

Eileen was on a photoshoot in nature, there where some really nice flowers close to the water she wanted to pose with. When she walked away she suddenly sank away in the mud and tripped.  She was kind of stuck, so she decided to smoke a sigaret there. She was already  very dirty so she started playing with the mud, putting it in her bra and getting herself all dirty til she was totally covered. They took some pics with the flowers all muddy and then she washed off.


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W257 Eileen Wine in the afternoon on a hot summer day

Eileen was in the garden drinking a glass of wine when suddenly she was suprised by the garden hose. A friend got her all wet. She decided to go with it and got herself all wet wearing jeans and a white shirt.

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W235 Eileen in red leather pants in the river

Eileen went to the river in her red leather pants and leather jacket, when she got there she lay down on the on the shore. The water rised and slowly got her wet. She played around in the water and rolled around in the muddy water. She got her shirt all wet. She went home all wet and dirty.


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W075 Eileen in a jeans outfit


Eileen went into a nature area with a new photographer.  She went into the water with her jeans and  jeans jacket posing for the pictures. She rolled in the sand and then washed off again.

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