W124 Eileen in red top and white skirt in the river

Eileen went to the river wearing her new white skirt with the tag still on it.  She was walking on the beach when a dog decided to pose with her.  She walked into the water, took her heels off and used them to throw water over herself.  Then she ran into the water and dived in.  She played around in the water and then came out to walk back home.



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W133 Throwing buckets of water with Lucy

Eileen invited Lucy for her first wetlook shoot with Wamderland.  She asked Lucy to sit on a chair and  began to throw buckets all over her.  Lucy got all wet in her shirt jeans and  boots. After some time Lucy took revenge on Eileen and tied her up to the chair with bandana’s. She took even more water and threw it all over Eileen. After they got all wet she gave her a little kiss on the cheek.


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W082 Eileen and Leila in jeans and leather jackets

Leila and Eileen went to the beach. Leila was wearing her jeans, boyfriendshirt, white leather jacket and Adidas sneakers. Eileen was wearing her jeans, boyfriendsshirt black leather jacket and black boots. They played in the water running around and spashing eachother. When fully wet they took of there leather jackets and swam around. After some nice swimming they walked home together.


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W093 Eileen in striped shirt and leggings in the river

Eileen went to the river in her leggings and striped shirt, She walked into the water further and further until she was fully wet. She played in the water a little and in the end she sat down on a twig and took her shoes off.


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W067 Eileen rock the river


Eileen went to the river. She walked on the shore and then got her ash boots slowly wet. She went in further turning her grey jeans into black. She decided to play with some mud and have a good wash-off after


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W063 Eileen muddy in a catsuit

Eileen putted on her brand new catsuit and boots. She posed in it at the brickworks and got in the mud. When she stept in the mud she sunk in very far. She was barely able to get out of the mud anymore. She played in the mud making funny noises. With a lot of effort she got out of the mud and walked to the river for a washoff.





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W072 Public wetlook in Amsterdam

On a warm day in Amsterdam Eileen decided to get wet in the fountains. Where everybody was trying to stay dry Eileen danced around in the water getting her down jacket and leather pants totally soaked. After that she went to another water place with a lot of people sitting around the water. They where all looking at her and taking pics. After some time Eileen decided to go back to the fountains wearing her bikini. This is where she got sended away by the guards. She didn’t mind tho because she had a fun time !



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W060 Black Milk Galaxy dress

With her new Black Milk Galaxy dress Eileen decided to get wet in the overfloated part of the river.She played with an old sponge she found. Ran around in the water and posed for some picture’s.


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V026 Eileen cooling in the river in jeans pink shirt and boots

After some cold and rainy day, Eileen walked down to the river but her outfit was way too warm for the weather. Since she did not want to walk back home to change, she rather decided to soak her outfit to keep her cool. She walked in the river in her blue jeans, black leather boots and her pink sweater.


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W051 Elena relaxing in the pool in leather pants

Our new girl Elena was wearing a leather pants on a warm day. When she saw the swimming pool she wanted to cool down so much she even forgot to put her purse away. She went in the pool wearing her heels. She relaxed a bit on the nflatable chair and posed for some pictures.


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