W196 Leila in jeans and waders in the river

Leila went to the river. On the beach she put on her waders with Eileen filming her. She got into the water and walked further slowly until the wader got into her waders and got her jeans all wet. She splashed around in the water and got fully wet. She got on the beach and rolled around she washed off in the river. Eileen helped her to take off the waters and threw the water in it all over Leila.  Leila filled them up again and threw it all over her.



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W183 Eileen in very very deep mud

Once Eileen was in the north  of the country and saw this crazy muddy deep muddy pool. She asked if she could use it but sadly they said no. Eileen didn’t accept and waited until when it was almost dark when there was nobody there anymore ! She went into the  mud pool wearing a catsuit and  long boots. the mud came until her waist. She dived in fully until she got fully dirty.  She washed off in a pond afterwards . She dropped her broken boots on the  sign saying ”access forbidden” in dutch and went back to the hotel!


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W184 Eileen on Kingsday in an orange catsuit


Eileen went to the kingsday party last year wearing this outfit, when she got home she decided to take a swim in the ice cold water. She went in fully  swimming and laughing. She took of her jacket and jeans showing her orange catsuit. Then the rain started again and she ran home, because the camera equipment doesn’t like water as much as Eileen does!


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W165 Eileen and Jolynda having fun in the pool

Eileen and Jolynda arrived at the pool in their casual outfits. They posed a bit and after some time Eileen decided to jump in dragging Jolynda with her. This was Jolynda’s first wetlook experience, they talked about it, made underwater video’s, splashed each other and had a lot of fun.

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W161 – 3 girls going for an unplanned swim

After making wetlook videos together, Eileen, Anne and Leila changed into some dry clothes and planned to have some drinks at the beach to relax. They walked to the river and Anne could not stay away from the water, she walked in the water, soaking only her shoes. Eileen and Leila followed her example but they did not intend to get any wetter. Well it did not work this way as Anne started to splash them and jumped around in the water getting each other more and more wet. After some swimming and playing they went home passing by the restaurants full of people.


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W155 Eileen and Jolynda swimming in the pool

Eileen and new girl Jolynda went to the pool in their leggings with leotards outfits. They first posed a bit and then slowly went in. They splashed each other while laughing and talking and played around with the inflatable crocodile. They had a lot of fun.


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W148 Eileen in folded jeans and shirt in the river

Eileen went to the river in her folded jeans and her checkered blouse. She went in slowly to get her boots all filled up with water. Then she went in further and got her jeans wet. She jumped in the water and played around. After some time she walked home to her garden and picked some grapes from the bush to eat,


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W124 Eileen in red top and white skirt in the river

Eileen went to the river wearing her new white skirt with the tag still on it.  She was walking on the beach when a dog decided to pose with her.  She walked into the water, took her heels off and used them to throw water over herself.  Then she ran into the water and dived in.  She played around in the water and then came out to walk back home.



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W133 Throwing buckets of water with Lucy

Eileen invited Lucy for her first wetlook shoot with Wamderland.  She asked Lucy to sit on a chair and  began to throw buckets all over her.  Lucy got all wet in her shirt jeans and  boots. After some time Lucy took revenge on Eileen and tied her up to the chair with bandana’s. She took even more water and threw it all over Eileen. After they got all wet she gave her a little kiss on the cheek.


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W082 Eileen and Leila in jeans and leather jackets

Leila and Eileen went to the beach. Leila was wearing her jeans, boyfriendshirt, white leather jacket and Adidas sneakers. Eileen was wearing her jeans, boyfriendsshirt black leather jacket and black boots. They played in the water running around and spashing eachother. When fully wet they took of there leather jackets and swam around. After some nice swimming they walked home together.


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