W310 Eileen in the river in tight pants and white blouse

Eileen was at the river in her Freddypants and white blouse. When she was setting up the camera she got her feet all wet. She decided to go for it and get her outfit all wet running around and playing around in the water. When she was all wet she rubbed some sand on her pants and washed off again.


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W288 Eileen in leather pants and satin blouse

On a cold spring day Eileen went to the river. She sat down next to the river and waited for the water to get higher. She played around in the cold water. After her swim she walked home in her satin blouse and leather pants.


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W271 Eileen and tons of shaving foam

Eileen was ni the bathroom getting ready for the day when she decided to get dress in the bath this time. She went into the bath in her lingerie and washed her hair. She got all foamy with lots of shaving foam and then she put on her jeans, sneakers and satin blouse. She got shaving foam all over that too and then put on her leather jacket.  After she got all foamy it was time to wash off.


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W272 Eileen taking a bath in black disco jeans

Eileen got home after a long photoshoot in the cold weather. She decided to take a bath. Ofcourse fully clothed. She got into the bath wearing her discojeans and checkered blouse. She used a watering can to get fully wet and then layed down in the bath to relax.


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W246 Eileen and Queenofhell taking an oil bath

Eileen just introduced Queenofhell to wetlook but she wasnt ready yet and got Queenofhell in the bath for some oily fun. She started off getting oil on her white blouse and jeans. Queenofhell  got Eileen oily too. After dripping quite some oil on eachother Eileen filled up Queenofhells back pockets and then spanked her. Queenofhell did the same with Eileen. Eileen also filled up Queenofhells pants in the front. After some fun in the bath the girls where completely oily and slippery! Eileen tried to get her shirt a bit more clean while Queenofhell took off her white blouse slowly getting topless.

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W226 Eileen in her new leather skirt

Eileen had a photoshoot in her leather skirt, white blouse and stockings. After that she had a coffee and decided it was time to relax a bit. She got into the bath and first got her pantyhose wet using the hose, She slowly got her skirt wet and then her blouse. She sat down in the bath and used some glittery soap on her clothes. She finally got her hair wet too. She relaxed in the bathtub and showed off her wet outfit.


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W210 Eileen swimming in a business suit at sunset

Eileen was ready for the day and went to the river in her business outfit. She walked into the water slowly getting all her clothes wet. She played around in the water, some people passed by and asked what she was doing! She took of  some off the clothes til she was in lingerie and stockings. It was getting darker so she walked back home.


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W185 Eileen and Leila Black and White wetlook

Eileen and Leila went into the bathroom wearing white blouses and black and white jeans.  First Eileen sprayed Leila completely wet, then Leila got the hose and sprayed Eileen very wet. A friend came unespected and the cameraman asked him to spray both girls wet.  He had lots of fun.

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W125 Eileen in red leather pants and satin blouse

Eileen posing for the camera on a  winter evening. Nothing to do? Well .. lets take some photos. Eileen is dressed in red fake leather pants, black satin blouse, socks and leather boots.


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V047 Eileen in red skirt and white blouse in the river

Eileen went to the river in her long red skirt, white blouse and suede leather boots.  She played around in the water getting her clothes all wet, then she rolled in the sand before heading home in her wet outfit eating some berries on the way.


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