W245 Eileen in a dress covered by neon paint

Eileen went into the bath wearing her dotted dress, cardigan, pantyhose and high heels. She started to put yellow neon paint into her heel, and then put it back on. She dripped the yellow neon paint all over her black pantyhose. up to her dress, her arms and her hair. She also painted her lips with the neon paint. Then threw a bucket all over her face. She took of her cardigan and dress and ripped the pantyhose. Then she threw over more paint and finally some whipped cream.  At the end she filled the bath with water and relaxed into the yellow bath. 

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W244 Leila pushing Eileen in the pool in a catsuit

Eileen and Leila putted on their party outfits after a long shooting day, when they where ready and sat on the bench in the garden Leila pushed in Eileen. Eileen was totally suprised but fully went in ofcourse. Leila threw over buckets of water getting Eileen completely soaked.


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W239 Eileen in winter winter wool jumper and leggings

Eileen went into the bath wearing her winter outfit: wool jumper, sawl, cap, skirt, leggings and boots. She got wet starting with her boots and going all the way up. When she was soaked all the way she washed the clothes with bathing foam. She  removed her cap and sawl and  relaxed in the bath. After her bath she walked to her garden all wet to chill in the sun.


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W237 Eileen taking a bath in a leather outfit

Eileen was outside doing a photoshoot in her full leather outfit when she decided to take a bath. She got herself wet starting with the boots and slowly going up. After she got fully wet she changed her jacket and wrapped the other around her waist getting it even more wet.

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W235 Eileen in red leather pants in the river

Eileen went to the river in her red leather pants and leather jacket, when she got there she lay down on the on the shore. The water rised and slowly got her wet. She played around in the water and rolled around in the muddy water. She got her shirt all wet. She went home all wet and dirty.


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W234 Eileen in the river in jeans and fluffy jacket

Eileen went to the river after dinner for a little walk.  She decided to go for a swim too. She was wearing her fluffy jacket jeans and short boots. She got her jeans wet first and layed down on the sand getting her outfit completely wet.  She played around in the water and finally took off her heavy jacket.



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W219 Leila taking a bath in winterjacket after jogging


After shooting Leila stayed over and had a run on the streets. It started raining and Eileen was ready with the camera when Leila was arriving back at the house! Eileen asked her if she wanted to have a warm bath and Leila said yes! She first got herself all wet with the hose and then relaxed in the bath. Taking of her jacket at the end

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W189 Even Eileen s cat loves the water

Eileen went to the river on her bike. She noticed her cat was running with her, he ran all the way with her to the river. When they arrived Eileen went into the water wearing her favorite blue leggings and Adidas sweater.  She played around in the water and lay down on the riverside. When she got out she gave her cat a big hug, he was very happy she came out.  She went back home on her bicycle with the cat running after her.


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W185 Eileen and Leila Black and White wetlook

Eileen and Leila went into the bathroom wearing white blouses and black and white jeans.  First Eileen sprayed Leila completely wet, then Leila got the hose and sprayed Eileen very wet. A friend came unespected and the cameraman asked him to spray both girls wet.  He had lots of fun.

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W155 Eileen and Jolynda swimming in the pool

Eileen and new girl Jolynda went to the pool in their leggings with leotards outfits. They first posed a bit and then slowly went in. They splashed each other while laughing and talking and played around with the inflatable crocodile. They had a lot of fun.


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