W435 Eileen in white top and jeans

After a messy set Eileen got in the bath for her 2nd washing round wearing a white top, ribbed jeans and Adidas sneakers. She slowly got the outfit wet and took off the top in the end.

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W429 Wetlook Yoga

Eileen was in the garden doing some Yoga. She decided to cool down with some cold buckets while continueing doing yoga!

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W418 Eileen in skirt and blouse in the kiddy pool

On a warm summer day Eileen put up the pool to have some wetlook fun. She got in slowly wearing her miniskirt and flower blouse. She rolled around and dunked in a few times until she was fully wet, then took of her heels.

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W408 Eileen gunge bath in shorts and Adidas top

Eileen gets into the bath wearing her Adidas top, black short and Adidas Stan Smith. She stats to slowly poor the slime over her schoes, up to her legs, into her shirt and over her head. After 2 buckets she is fully covered with gunge and takes of the clothes revealing her bikini. She poors over some more gunge and rols around.

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W397 Eileen wetlook style yoga


Eileen got into the shower to warm up her muscles for some good yoga exercise. When she got fully wet with the hose she moved to the livingroom and started doing her yoga exercise. At the end she spoiled a glass of water over herself to get wet again.

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W395 Eileen in a leather outfit with a little twist


Eileen got into the bath in her black leather outfit. She started getting wet by putting the hose in her jackets pocket. She slowly got more wet using the hose. After some time she took of her riding boots, filled them and threw them over herself. Then she took of the leather pants showing her spandex catsuit.

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W371 Eileen and Eyla in multiple layers of jackets

After a nice shooting day Eileen and Eyla where outside smoking. Eyla got a little cold so Eileen offered a jacket. As it wasn’t warm enough she got another. They started showering wearing both 2 jackets. They switched up and soaped the jackets. Then they took them off and put on only the leather jackets.


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W373 Eileen in a sexy outfit water the plants


Eileen got home in her leggings, top, blazer and high heeled boots. She started watering the plants but got some water on herself. Right away she started using the rain hose to get herself fully wet. After she took off her boots.

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W374 Eileens goes for a swim in a black dress


Eileen wanted to take a swim in the river for the first time this year. She put on her black dress stockings and boots and slowly got into the river. Playing with the cold water and laying down on the sand.

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W368 Eileen in a short skirt and white blouse showering in the sunshine


Eileen got into a full bath wearing a miniskirt, white pantyhose, black high heeled boots and a blouse. She slowly got into the water getting everything wet. Then she showered herself with the hose. In the end she took of her boots.

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