W151 Eileen in leather leggings posing in a hotel room

Eileen was in the North of the country for a shooting. When she was done shooting outside she decided to take a bath in her black shirt, leather leggings and high heels. She first got some water on her heels. Then went in with her leggings. She lay down to relax. After that she stood up on the platform and played around with the shower-head. When she got out she sat down in her hotel room for a while and lay on the bed to relax


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W152 Eileen taking a custard bath in a hotel room

Eileen was in the South of the country to shoot and stayed over in a hotel.  She decided to use this situation to get some nice pictures. She bought lots of custard and a tiramisu. She got into the bath and when she got the camera filming she threw the tiramisu cake right into her face. Getting her face and the wall totally messy. Then she used some cans of custard to get a big custard bath.

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W149 Eileen in swimsuit and leggings in the hotel bath

Eileen was in the North of the country for some photoshooting. After shooting she putted on her swimsuit and leggings to get a nice bath. She filled up the bath slowly and used the jacuzzi getting fully wet. She took of her sneakers and let them float. Then she got into her hotelroom to relax on the couch a little.


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W119 Eileen in red dress covered in oil

Eileen’s friend had lots of oil and didn’t know what to do with it. She got into the shower in a big bucket and threw the oil all over her using 20 liters. She got totally oily until her dress started to loose color because of the oil, She decided to tear and cut the dress  pantyhose and the jacket apart in the end.

  • Note: the light isn’t very good at this set sadly, but since lots of people asked about this set I will publish it anyways.
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V082 Eileen – Morning bath in jeans and striped shirt (video only)

Eileen woke up early and after  a morning walk she decided to take a bath in her striped shirt jeans and slippers with socks. She got into the warm bath and relaxed. She took of the slippers and played with them as they where boats.


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V078 Eileen – Easter special – Red jeans in hotel bathtub (video diary)

Eileen had a photoshoot in a luxury hotel room with some nice photo models. After a long day of shooting all the crew left and Eileen got the hotelroom for herself. She jumped around on the bed with her red jeans and white shirt. She drank a little water and threw a glass of water over her clothes. She got into the bath and first got her Adidas shoes wet, then her jeans and then her white shirt. When she was fully wet she took of her white shirt and relaxed a bit in her white tanktop.



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W113 Eileen getting messy in a catsuit


Eileen got the idea to get her catsuit fully covered with custard. She used vanilla first to get some spots on the catsuit. Then also chocolat and caramel to get fully covered. She poored some into the catsuit too. When washing off she struggeled to get it out of the catsuit.


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V077 Eileen – Just an ordinary day (video diary)

It’s a special video presenting you an average day of Eileen. The video starts as she wakes up in her bed, dressed in leggings and tank top (her usual pyjamas). After rubbing off the sleep of her eyes, she gets out of bed and put on a cardigan before going to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. The camera follows her everywhere and you can see as she brushes her hair, eats her breakfast, and

get dressed …  for her bath 🙂

well yes, she is not an ordinary girl. While most people undress for a bath, Eileen prefers to take it fully clothed, including shoes. Watch as she washes her leggings and her hair, taking a lengthy bath before she heads out to the garden to towel off under the sunshine.


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W089 Eileen in jeans and gray cardigan in the bath

Eileen got into the bath with her jeans shirt and gray cardigan. She first got all her clothes and all stars wet and then dunked under with her hair several times showing her wet hair over her face.

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W104 Eileen taking a bath in custard

Eileen got into the bath with her hoody jeans and sneakers. She started pooring custard over her clothes she used vanilla first but also chocolat strawberry and caramel. When she got covered fully with custard she used some whipped cream chocolat sauce and discodip to finish it off.


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