W092 Eileen and Leila having a waterfight

Leila and Eileen went outside on the street to have a waterfight. They started using the waterguns and then they used some buckets to get eachother soaking wet. They scared off all the cyclists by running after them with buckets and had a good lauch.



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W087 Eileen and Leila in blue leggings in the bath

Eileen and our new model Leila putted on their new blue leggings and shirts without bra. They posed in the bath together. Then they washed the dirt from their shoes getting their leggings a bit wet also. They sprayed and splashed eachother wet. After that they did some poses seperately on the windowsill while the other was spraying water from down in the bath. Then they posed together on the windowsill and got out of bathroom wich was now totally wet.


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V010 Eileen and Anouk warming up in the bath VIDEO

Eileen and Anouk warming up in the bath fully clothed after a walk in the cold outside. First Eileen went in and dragged Anouk with her in the bath. After they bathed they went to the shower. They take off eachothers jackets and see that Anouks shirt gets totally see through. They sit in the shower a bit and have some fun together.


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W032 Two girls in leather outfits

Eileen and Anouk taking a shower in leather outfits. Leather skirts and PVC top. They get wet seperatly showering and then sit in the bath together to relax


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V004 Anouk returns to the river VIDEO

Eileen and Anouk returned to the river and this time Eileen was behind the camera taking photos of Anouk .. nonetheless Eileen got as soaked as Anouk .. when Eileen is concentrating on her work, not even a river can stop her 🙂

This is another behind the scenes video of how the photoset was made, filmed by Eileen’s boyfriend.
Eileen was behind the camera in her blue jeans, black t-shirt with a black fury jacket and her ankle-boots.

We hope you will enjoy this special video and we plan to make more similar videos, so stay tuned!

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Note: the cameraman had sometimes a difficult time to focus on Anouk and Eileen, so please forget if his hands were at times a little shaky 🙂

Low resolution screenshots from the video:

Eileen and Anouk at the river

It was a day in late September, it was Eileen’s birthday and she had Anouk coming over. Eileen asked Anouk to pose for her and they went to a river nearbly They found an old tree which was bent into the river bed and Anouk climbed on it. As Eileen was looking for the perfect angle and the best lights, she waded into the river up to her tights. You know how it is, a real photographer never minds getting her feet wet for the perfect shoot 🙂 … Anouk found it quite funny when Eileen got wet even before she did.  Soon Eileen’s boyfriend had to take over the camera as the girls started splashing each other and started a water-fight in the river. Anouk wore her grey jeans, black leather boots and a black t-shirt with a black PVC corset on top. Eileen was in her black jeans, black and red top and her short leather boots.

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