First time for Anouk – the VIDEO

If you have seen the photoset of Anouk’s very first fully clothed swim in the river, then you will certainly want to see how the photoset was made 🙂
Eileen was behind the camera in her blue jeans, purple long sleeved sweater and her ankle-boots, and as someone who takes photography very seriously, she had no other choice than to wade into the river as well, soaking the clothes she was wearing that day.

Spoiler alert! In this video you will also have a chance to see and hear the reactions of Anouk as she waded into the river in her clothes for the first time in her life. We hope you will enjoy this special video and we plan to make more similar videos, so stay tuned!

15 min video with original sound

Note: the cameraman had sometimes a difficult time to focus on Anouk and Eileen, so please forget if his hands were at times a little shaky 🙂


Low resolution screenshots from the video: