Eileen getting muddy

Eileen’s English photographer friend visited her in Holland for the first time and wanted to see what the country was like, so she decided to show him a nearby muddy quarry. She was dressed in a black top and black leather pants with her favourite red checked shirt and long leather boots. She posed amongst the factory buildings and equipment and smoked a cigarette. She decided it was time to get muddy and wallowed in the deep smooth mud getting completely covered. Eileen was in a playful mood and threw mud at her friend during the shoot. She started cleaning herself in a pond then decided they would have to walk to the nearby river to get clean. On the way she found a small frog which she kissed. Maybe she thought it was her ideal Prince Charming. She then smoked another cigarette while still muddy then washed off in the cold river.


This the 1st part of the photoset: includes photos of Eileen getting gradually coated in thick clay. The wash off photos will follow in part 2 of this photoset.

240 hires photos

Low resolution samples: